An Ode to the Culotte(s)

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via ZARA

My head says no but my heart says yes. It is now certain: I am completely infatuated with you. I have always considered myself a sensible person but you have changed that. My new motto is “instinct first”. Right now, this instinct urges me to be comfortable.

 I used to put on dresses; I now wave adieu to those days. They were if truth be told, easy and breezy, something I very much look for in a garment that will embrace me during the hot summer months. You now prove yourself to be those things and more. It is enough to test a girl’s loyalty. The biggest advantage you have over my dresses is that you so very kindly allow me the freedom of my hands. Long forgotten are the days when a sudden strong breeze would make me clasp my hands around my sash. 

 Shall I compare thee to a playsuit? Thou art more lively and more irreverent. No more stalling in the bathroom stall. Midi skirts are your next of kin, but you mix their elegance with a boyish charm. I think Katherine Hepburn would also be in love.

 Yet you do not offer empty words or artificial flattery. I know that sometimes you are not the most ideal for a girl on the short side and with hips somewhat wide. But I can forgive these sins. I can always balance you with a bit of a heel or with slimmer proportions on top.

 Most importantly I am willing to overlook all your flaws because you offer me something that surpasses them all. You give me a summer free of worry and constant wondering of when my undergarments might be publicly displayed. For once the strong wings of the Aegean islands are not working against me. A picnic becomes fuss free and so does a bike ride. My hands are finally free! 

Only to be used trying to keep my hat on my head instead.

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