Sunday Wishlist

      I'm a creature of habit and a home-body most times but I'm also -as most astrologists try to convince me is a characteristic of all Sagittariuses- rather keen on changes and having new adventures. 

        Most Sundays however, my love for keeping my own personal, familiar traditions reaches its peak. Right now, I love getting up without an alarm clock (I'm still up by 9 or 10 at most) and slowly starting my day. I'll take a shower, read some articles, read a few pages of some book. Then I'll go get a coffee with my sister and my dad. 

       The rest of my day will pass with the same relaxing rhythm. Most days I'm rather stressed so I really enjoy having a day that I almost demand from myself to take less seriously and allow to cool down.

       Window shopping on the internet is also one of my traditions (let's face it: that's an every day habit). Today like I've been browsing around my favourite e-shopping destinations and found some goodies I thought I'd share with you.


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