Cream Dungarees: A Trend

 Overalls in white. Wear them at your own risk.

Via Athens Street Style

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with my new cream denim dungarees (Mine are from H&M but you can find a version everywhere at the moment). There is just something so easy and nonchalant about them while still managing to appear chic and clean. Recently I’ve been leaning towards more minimalistic outfits and this pair perfectly fits the bill. I like wearing them over a simple dark blue jumper or a classic black turtleneck allowing them to take centre stage (that was at the beginning of spring. I’d now boil if I attempted that). The footwear of choice would be a pair of stark white Superstars but since I haven’t gotten around to getting them (yet) I’m making do with my old battered pair of classic black Chucks. I can’t complaint, though. They manage to make me look a bit more laid back (which is something I’m always after but probably never going to achieve. I blame my perfectionist nature and the annoyingly precious bunch of ringlets on my head)

 Via Look de Pernille

Via Fashion Me Now

 Photo of Hanneli Mustaparta via Vanessa Jackman

As summer is here however I’m going to start styling them with almost every tee and short-sleeved top I own. And even crop tops if I dare. Better start those ab exercises now.
The downside to all this is something you’ve been thinking all along. What about stains? Don’t you eat ice cream? Alas I do and the only two solutions I’ve come up with are:

a)      Decide I really can’t be arsed. When the sun is shining and you are on your way to becoming a melted ice cream (or preferably gelato) yourself, who cares about a stain of brown syrup smirking evilly up at you? Just have some moist towelettes in every handbag. Just go with it.
b)      Don’t eat anything potentially stainable or particularly life threatening to your white denim. Be extra careful (especially with that glass of red). Do not go outside. Jk but only partly. The one thing you should know before buying any white, off-white, ecru, polar bear white, item of clothing is that you’re also buying the risk of getting them dirty much easier. Truth is you’re most likely to do so than not.

Since it’s summer I’m going with the first option because frankly I’m too hot to care. Literal sense.
So enjoy blocking out the sun in your white armour of choice and enjoy your ice cream as well. 

How about you, though? Do you have a piece of clothing right now that you just can’t seem to be ready to take off just yet and that seems to be in a constant journey from your closet to the laundry machine and back? Please let me know, I am always on the lookout for new uniforms.

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