Jean Shorts

The hero of the summer (?) 

Today I delve into the summer necessity that is a pair of denim shorts and the extremely daunting task of finding the right pair.

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francoise hardy, jean shorts

    Both images via Pinterest.

    Picture this: I’m walking down the busiest street quite hurriedly with my sister in desperate search for a last-minute wedding guest outfit for her (the dread!). The temperature insists on rising by the day even though I’ve prayed to the weather gods many days before for cooler weather. It seems that this technique stopped working when I was twelve.
    Small droplets are forming on my forehead, not a pleasant picture to think about, but true nonetheless and hopefully relatable to many. My face is slowly but surely beginning to resemble a ripe, red tomato and the only relief is  keeping the iced water bottle on my forehead or staying inside air-conditioned stores for long periods of time.
    On top of it all, my hair is just plainly refusing to cooperate. Curls are separating as if their goal is to transform my head into an unruly, black, frizz-ball. It’s now quite long and I honestly can’t figure out why I’ve not cut it yet ( the scissors sitting on my desk right now looks seriously tempting but I’m too much of a wimp to actually DIY my next haircut.)

   So there I am, getting more and more fidgety and annoyed by everything, when I realise what a big mistake wearing my jeans -normal length/mom/white- was. I sometimes believe that wearing light clothes that reflect the light back will help. But experience (and many transformations of myself into a melting mess) has taught me that it only works on days not too hot, and with light-weight fabrics like linen.

    I’m beginning to think then that perhaps this unfortunate adventure of mine signals the retirement of long jeans-of any colour- until mid-September probably. I will miss them. Mostly however it signals the even more dreaded period of having to wear denim shorts, or cutoffs (whatever you fancy).

    Francoise Hardy, jean shorts, fashion,          jean shorts

Pictures via Pinterest and WhoWhatWear (Candice Lake).

    Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always loved them and their inherent coolness. I just never seemed to be able to find a proper pair to fit my buttocks area well. They either ride up towards my waist as I walk making me perform the most outrageous and silly manoeuvres every five minutes trying to drag them back down. Believe me the Ministry of Funny Walk would think me a great candidate for a loan.

   Unfortunately, I just seem to be unable to find the right length. Not too short, since I’m not extremely keen on flashing my bottom to everyone in the streets, especially when I’m in the city. On holidays, in my village, I don’t care as much but being in the city makes me automatically want to look at least a bit more put together. This is a personal preference however. I’m just not comfortable and confident enough yet to flaunt my "goods" around and about in the open. (Props to you if you do! I wish I had your guts.)
   On the other hand, longer shorts just don’t really flatter me. They add more bulk and they make me look shorter. So I’m going to keep searching for that perfect fitting pair. Something tells me I might find it in amongst all those second-hand Levi cutoffs in a vintage store. Until then I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and maybe research the interwebs for a pair that might resemble my dream pair. So keep on dreaming folks, the dream pair of the summer is somewhere out there for you!

Here are some picks I found for me and for you: