Let the Fall Layering Commence

via Zara
Isn’t it time? Shouldn’t it be getting colder? I know people who live in colder climates will be giving me an icy look right now but what can I do? I feel like 30 °C for mid-September is more than I can handle.

Look, during July and August it is to be expected. During September too, to be honest. This is Greece after all; I’m not that delusional. But during the holidays I can handle the heatwave. I go to the beach every day. I wear as little as possible. (Usually it's something like this). No,scratch that. I could wear less but I’m too embarrassed for my own good. 

Then I come back to Athens which is a city. Mind you it’s not a London-scaled city but still, a city. Concrete is heating up with aspirations of being a stove. I mean, you could probably make scrambled eggs on any surface outside during the day. I won’t be trying that though. My hair is also never ever happy since they’re a moving solar power system, what with being the darkest brown and all.

Mostly, I’m just sick of wearing the same things over and over again. I want the seasons back! Not this constant oscillation between summer and winter.

I want autumn, so that I can wear light layers: wear dresses without tights but maybe with a light jacket, wear jeans with a sleeveless roll neck, wear booties with shorts. Don’t worry though: the time usually comes when the temperature is just right for autumnal dressing. It just usually lasts for two weeks. Great.

The most annoying thing is that I love the layering season. You get to utilise both your hot and cold weather clothes, add scarves or any other accessories you might fancy, and all in all you can get quite creative (and ridiculous at times but that’s the point and the fun. Not all creative ventures are successful. )

So here I am, begging the weather to catch up with the calendar. I even want it to rain! ( I am of course one of those pesky people that enjoy rainy weather.) That was of course, before living in Amsterdam for half a year and realising how annoying my beloved rain can sometimes be. Especially when it’s a constant companion and it always manages to turn my hair into a big ol' mass of yarn.

There is however something very cathartic about it, especially when it arrives after an exhaustingly hot period. Unless, all it leaves behind is humidity (my second nemesis after the dreaded "blue screen") on a very hot day and we suddenly turn into the tropics. Still, I anticipate greatly the time when my waterproof jacket will be able to make its debut.

I’ve been browsing for weeks on the interwebs for wintery clothes, boots and all that jazz. But it’s just very hard to reconcile my body’s rising temperature (time to open the AC again. Let me tell you something: fans do not work) with looking at cuddly and warm woollen jumpers or a velvety "suede" jacket. I love it but I can’t have it. Ours is a difficult relationship. I know it’s bad for me to keep pining for it: it only makes me even hotter (I’m not even connoting anything. I'm being completely literal.)

And of course, the idea of going into actual shops and trying on warm clothes is a sheer impossibility. Unless they are extremely well air-conditioned. Sometimes that happens and it actually feels like autumn has arrived inside of, say Zara. Then all I want to do is find a quiet corner and stay there all day.

For now however, I’ll keep complaining about the weather and look at the new SS 2016 collections since they don’t make me want to shower every one hour.

Bags Aplenty: Boxy, furry, and 70's galore

Source: Tommy Ton.

The bag territory has always been something that failed to excite me as much as say shoes do. I know it’s supposed to be a weak spot in women’s accessorizing but I could never quite grasp the whole bag adoration.

That was probably due to my preference of either taking very little with me and shoving as much of it as possible in my pockets, or counteracting this instinct by carrying too much and thus always going for backpacks that provided me enough space, and at the same time the balance my scoliosis-suffering back much needed.

Warehouse saddle Bag, Topshop black fur Bag, Asos snake print bag, Story of Lola faux fur clutch Bag, Asos mini black boxy Bag, Glamorous Snakeskin Crossbody Bag, Accessorize Pink Saddle Bag, Street Level Round Furry Bag, River Island Boxy Bag, Asos Suede Saddle Bag.

Back (or bag) problems aside, I’m now finding myself falling for (and not over because of the weight I
carry on my back) some bags of this season.

For one, I just love this year’s fashion. That 70’s trend that’s been around for a few seasons already, has touched everything with its (black?) magic touch and given it a good amount of glamorous flair, freedom, boldness and unapologetic maximalism.

Naturally, accessories have not been left untouched (natural in inspiration and textures too). For me the bags are back, more enticing and fun than they’d been for some time. I catch myself browsing shopping sites and staring at them like the heart-eyed emoji, for an unhealthily (for my purse and poor eye-sight) long time.
Source: Harper's Bazaar

These bags make a statement. They come in a ton of textures, in many shapes and sizes: from the most basic household fixtures like buckets and boxes to the modern incarnations of the saddle bag.
You could even probably DIY a box with some faux jewels and other ornaments, add a top handle and be good to go. Your lunch would fit perfectly inside. Just try not to wear your pinafore or dungaree at the same time coz it’d probably lead in awkward territory, especially if you’ve got a baby face and people already think you’re still 18. (“I’m 22 people!”)

Stepping out of the box (get it? *wink wink*), you can always pretend you’re an aficionada equestrienne with all those saddle bags going around. You could certainly bet on them winning 1st prize at the most-coveted bag race. I quite fancy them myself to be honest and it has nothing to do with me dreaming of having my own horse and riding in the English countryside like an Edwardian novel heroine. I especially love those with more of a 70’s vibe by way of a suede texture (the reddish brown above is my favourite).

 But there are also snake-skin variations: another thing that has crawled on so many bags (that I’m starting to feel some sympathy for all those reptiles that never fail to get me out of my skin). They're also the perfect fit for those with a more minimalistic approach to dressing. I mean that ChloĆ© bag is lovely but I sort of need something a bit (or a lot) cheaper.

However, it’s not only reptiles that claim the spotlight this season. Furs of all kind will accompany many women throughout the cold winter months. And why should handbags be left out? I mean even shoes were furry! What’s better then, than carrying a furry friend with you? Not like Furby more like Hedwig. I prefer this association.  Everyone will probably get a furry item this year and it can be faux too, so you don’t have to feel your conscience, or your purse, running low.

The problem that I face now is trying to narrow them all down. Which is why I’ve made a list of some budget ones and hopefully I’ll be satisfied with a couple of these.
For this month at least…

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Summer Outfit: Minimal but comfy


This is what I’ll be wearing today. 

It's nothing fancy: A simple grey tee tucked in a pair of white shorts.

 The weather is extremely hot and I am still a melting mess, despite the calendar clearly stating we are well into September by now.

 I’ve been actually wearing the same thing throughout August with only just slight variations. A different tee on one day, a different pair of shorts, but with the Birks always on my feet allowing them to breathe and me to walk around town comfortably- though I’m cursing inside at the scorching sun that turns my feet into red balloons. 

Zara tee (similar here) , Adidas bag from UO, Birkenstocks, Stradivarius shorts (similar)
At the beginning of summer I might have felt guilty about constantly repeating my outfits.

 “This is not who I am” I’d exclaim in a self-indulgent manner. “I'm more creative than that!” I’d continue riding on the train of  arrogance until like Icarus, my train reached the sun and melting into a mess, (notice the pattern here?) I’d finally realise that I'm not above repeating and recycling the same idea of an outfit or even the whole outfit, especially when it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside and I'm on a student budget.

Old rings from H&M and from street market (similar here and here)

Initials necklace was a gift. Similar here.

However, I loved wearing the same jewellery no matter the outfit or the occasion. (There were exceptions of course). 

I like how they make an outfit a bit more personal and how they might eventually be something that I could be associated with. 

My necklace is a gift from when I was born but my rings are just two faux ones that have already started fading.  I realise now why it’s good to have some real  jewellery if you’re going to wear them all the time. They’re on top of my list of things to buy (eventually). 

For now I'm just going to keep wearing the same things and wishing it would turn cooler sooner. "I'm ready for autumn!" is what I repeat to myself every day and I don't feel any guilty about it.

 Let the layering season come and I will welcome it with open arms and a lot of creativity. I promise!