Summer Outfit: Minimal but comfy


This is what I’ll be wearing today. 

It's nothing fancy: A simple grey tee tucked in a pair of white shorts.

 The weather is extremely hot and I am still a melting mess, despite the calendar clearly stating we are well into September by now.

 I’ve been actually wearing the same thing throughout August with only just slight variations. A different tee on one day, a different pair of shorts, but with the Birks always on my feet allowing them to breathe and me to walk around town comfortably- though I’m cursing inside at the scorching sun that turns my feet into red balloons. 

Zara tee (similar here) , Adidas bag from UO, Birkenstocks, Stradivarius shorts (similar)
At the beginning of summer I might have felt guilty about constantly repeating my outfits.

 “This is not who I am” I’d exclaim in a self-indulgent manner. “I'm more creative than that!” I’d continue riding on the train of  arrogance until like Icarus, my train reached the sun and melting into a mess, (notice the pattern here?) I’d finally realise that I'm not above repeating and recycling the same idea of an outfit or even the whole outfit, especially when it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside and I'm on a student budget.

Old rings from H&M and from street market (similar here and here)

Initials necklace was a gift. Similar here.

However, I loved wearing the same jewellery no matter the outfit or the occasion. (There were exceptions of course). 

I like how they make an outfit a bit more personal and how they might eventually be something that I could be associated with. 

My necklace is a gift from when I was born but my rings are just two faux ones that have already started fading.  I realise now why it’s good to have some real  jewellery if you’re going to wear them all the time. They’re on top of my list of things to buy (eventually). 

For now I'm just going to keep wearing the same things and wishing it would turn cooler sooner. "I'm ready for autumn!" is what I repeat to myself every day and I don't feel any guilty about it.

 Let the layering season come and I will welcome it with open arms and a lot of creativity. I promise!

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