How to Wear More Colour

Colours are back!

I get it, I get it. Getting colours right is hard. There are too many things that could go wrong and you could end up looking like a badly executed fauvist painting. I guess some people are more drawn towards colour than others. My sister, as a child, loved wearing anything bright. Her favourite Chuck Taylors had a bloody rainbow on them. I, on the other hand, would look down at her skinny legs in awe. “How can she be so bold?” I would wonder to myself, contrasting her bright orange leggings with my standard blue ones.

However, there was always colour on me somewhere, too. That is until a couple of years ago when the whole “normcore”, basic, call it whatever you like trend, swept away every last trace of colour from many people’s wardrobes. I was not an exception. My wardrobe might have looked like that of a penguin’s with a penchant for blue but it was my choice and I enjoyed wearing almost only neutral colours. That lasted until this season.

My red cardigan may have never left my side but that is not enough anymore. I’d forgotten how much a vivid blue can lift your mood, or how a deep pink, can make you feel ultra- confident. Colours manage to bring life back to me (and trust me I need it: from November to March I resemble a zombie more than a human) and especially on those cold and dreary days when you just feel like injecting some colour to the grey surrounding you, in any way possible.
Wearing colour will make you more noticeable, to be sure. In a good way, though. Gone are the days when I used to resent that. If you feel confident in something, show it and don’t apologise for it. I know I still have to make progress on that front but I’m getting there.

If you’re still not convinced, might I remind you how colourful these last two seasons’ catwalks were? Even Celine had colour! Everyone needs a change. Even though, I was never a 100% minimalist convert, I had definitely been swayed by some of its commandments. Those, still inform part of my wardrobe. However, I do wish I were at least 2 inches taller so they would fit me properly: I mean, I love a good pair of culottes but they do tend to turn me into a small bulk of denim. I’ll also never stop loving black. I just love wearing it and that’s that. But when I laid my eyes on all those electrocuted coats at Cristopher Kane or the maximalist's/eclecticist's heaven that was the Gucci show all I could think was, “Well, I already have the glasses, sign me up for the crazy colours too!”

How to wear them if your wardrobe is basically black and white.

Well, fear not my friend, the colour-wearing club is not exclusive. You can sign up anytime you want without any previous experience. Crazy, right? Not really, considering that you’re allowed to take it slow. Just dip your toes into its rainbow coloured pool, if you’re a first-time visitor. If you like it, then congratulations! You can enrol to a life full of colour! 
How to do that? Well, here are some thoughts:

Shoes and Bags

Pop some colour in your outfit by way of accessorising. I know, shocking! It’s a revelation! Well, not really but it definitely works. Get a pair of coloured trainers and get ahead from all those still wearing Superstars in plain white. A bright bag can also work extremely well, even if the rest of your outfit is just black. 

Red bag, blue trainers, black and grey winter outfit.
Adidas Gazelle trainers, H&M jumper, French Connection shoulder bag, New Look sleeveless coat, Asos bell-flare jeans.

Dark Colours

If you’re afraid of bright colours then darker, more muted ones will work just as well. All colours are welcome here. We don’t discriminate. A deep wine red scarf would look lovely, set against a deep grey coat. And what about that forest green clutch? It makes me daydream of going away in the country. Just don’t wear them together to avoid any Christmas associations. Unless it really is Christmas and you feel like being thematic.

Pastel Colours

If, however, your wardrobe is filled with white and each colour of the greyscale range, then why not try adding more pastels to it? They go with almost anything. This small tweed bag by Zara is the lightest pink you could find. You could even go bigger. I have a light blue, faux-leather jacket that I love wearing when I feel like my outfit is quite boring and I want to brighten it up. It’s actually my go-to for the transitioning season. In winter, you could get a lovely pink coat for example. Don’t worry I’m sure you can find lots that aren’t too sugary.

Lilac jumper and leather jacket, red bag and bright blue trainers.
Asos lilac jumper, Asos Lilac Biker Jacket, Zara soft tote bag, Topshop skinny jeans, Saucony trainers.

Small Accessories

Let’s not forget of course all those other small accessories. Hats or beanies, scarves, stone rings, dangly earrings, can all be great carriers of colour. A small furry friend in a bright colour will give your bag or keys a quirky attitude.


The thing with small colourful prints on neutral items, beautiful embroideries and bold prints is that they will definitely make you feel like a beautifully ornated work of art, be it from the Renaissance or the Keith Haring days. Need I say more? Just look at some Valentino or Laurence Dacade boots and you’ll be convinced. That’s a promise. I think I'm definitely buying a printed dress this season.

I’m already doing all of these! What now?

Get a Bright Jumper

I love wearing a brightly coloured jumper with my black skinny jeans. Red was all over the runways this past season and I just get all giddy inside, thinking about wearing a big, cosy, bright red jumper all winter long.

Get a Bright Coat

This one is not for the faint-hearted. I would really love to be able to pull that off myself but I’m not convinced I’d carry it well. I’m not giving up, though. For some reason (it’s called complete obsession) I’m still thinking of red, or burgundy, or even maroon. But any colour that speaks to you will work just as well.

Green military coat with floral blouse, simple black trousers, ankle boots and green rings.
Green quartz ring @ UO, Wolf & Moon ripple ring @ Asos, Topshop floral silk blouse, Asos green coat, Topshop ankle boots, Topshop black trousers

Mix and Much / Colour-block

Colours are meant to be combined. Go for opposites, for complimenting, for tonal combinations. The sky is the limit. If you’ve got an eye for colour you’ll probably be good to go. And even if you don’t get it right at first, remember that practice makes perfect (or better).

Pink jumper with red skirt and boots. Simple taupe/camel coat on top and chain bag.
&Other Stories pink jumper, Zara red suede skirt, Topshop green leather crossbody bag, Asos red knee-high boots, Asos taupe midi coat.

Bright Shoes!

This one needs a lot of guts but I saw a pair of (surprise!) burgundy boots at Zara and I just cannot describe to you how much I was drooling all over them but the damn Eleanor in me convinced me that I wouldn’t wear them that much. I think I’ll see them again having Marianne in charge of my brain this time. I think she would approve.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get colourful!

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