Things you'll learn at University

Things I learnt at university

When you've been going to uni for four years you’ve reached the point when you can finally claim to be a seasoned, experienced, knowledgeable and mature student. What you've really learnt, however, is how to pretend you know what others are talking about and how to make an OK pasta. You can also make patronising lists of what you've learnt during those three or four years. You’re welcome.
1. You will meet all sorts of people on the bus: from really old ones to really young ones, from people being extremely loud on their phones to others skulking at you for now apparent reason. Try not to slap anyone's phone from their hands.
2.  You will also see all sorts of outfits (here, are some recommendations). They also saw yours so you don't have the right to criticise.
3.  If your uni is far you will wish you had a driver’s license.
4.  Or a car for that matter.
5.  Comfort comes above all else,
6.  but if putting an effort in your appearance helps you feel more confident and ready to take on the day then by all means do so.
7.  Especially on your first year you will meet everyone. That, however, does not correspond with being friends with anyone. I found that chemistry applies in friendships as well and that you might like someone well enough, but you can’t really feel close to them.
8.   At some point, you should start bringing in your own food, or you’ll go bankrupt.
9.   You and coffee will most probably become inseparable.
10.  So will you and the hand sanitizer.
11.  You’ll thank the revival of mum jeans and the invention of stretchy denim fabrics for letting you go to school without your tracksuits and remain comfy too.
12.   Attending courses (and paying as much attention as possible) will help you.
13.  Everybody feels like a fish out of the water at first.
14.  Everybody is completely over uni but will probably miss it too, at the end.
15.  There are always exceptions.
16.  There are all sorts of professors. With some, you’ll get along splendidly with others not so much. Some might be extremely pleasant people but really bad at teaching. The opposite is possible too. At the end of the day, they’re just people doing their jobs. Just remember not to take anything too personally.
17.  Not everyone studies and learns the same way. You might like noting things down or highlighting while others might prefer repeating stuff out loud. You might find it easier concentrating in a busy environment while others will prefer being alone in total silence.
18.  Give yourself the freedom to be different in the way you study.
19.  You’ll regret not socialising more or going to more parties. It’s part of the whole experience.
20.  Don’t take what others say about their uni experience as a blueprint. Especially not my list.

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