Some Thoughts on Sundays

Everybody's trying to have the perfect Sunday. What I do on a Sunday.

If you, like myself, spend slightly too much time scrolling down beautifully curated Instagram feeds, or stalking lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogs (among others), I'm sure you've happened upon some sort of  a Sunday post.
What that may be, varies.
It could be the usual flatlay photo of an extremely clean-looking and carefully articulated Sunday brunch. It could be a pair of beautiful legs emerging under a cozy grey blanket. Perhaps it's a tray of apple and cinnamon muffins just coming out of the oven. Whatever format it comes in, I think we can all agree that it’s inescapable.
I don't have any problem with them of course! I enjoy them at the fullest, to be honest.
No, then, it’s nothing like that. It's just that the flurry of them made me ponder lately if we have some weird obsession over how we spend our Sundays. We seem to be extremely interested in how others are spending their last (or first?) day of the week and admittedly how it compares to ours. I don't know about yours, but I find mine to always be lacking.
So what is it about Sundays? Why don't we spend so much time wondering "the best way to spend a Sunday" about a Saturday instead? Am I the only one that finds that odd? When and how did it all start?
Perhaps it all begins with the idea that Sunday in the one day for rest and leisure, (an idea that might be stemming from religion or not, but seems to exist throughout the world in some way or another.) In the olden days, people used to go to church, children wearing their “Sunday clothes” and all in all, Sunday had something unique about her. It was the most important day, the day a week of hard work was leading towards.
Then, Sunday was also the day when the father would finally be home for lunch. The "perfect housewife" would find the chance to shine on that day, the one day of labour that really mattered for her.
Isn’t it slightly hypocritical though nowadays to worship this leisure day that much? Most of us still work in some manner on Sundays and anyhow, don’t we place more importance on working days, our busy and productive days that run the everyday mechanisms of our capitalist society? Even an Instagram post is part of a business usually, either a big one or a small, personal one. We’re all promoting our branded selves.

So I’m asking if Sundays have turned into an “imitation game”. Is there a real authentic Sunday like the one we always seem to have stuffed down our throats? Or is it a simulacrum: something that was never true and real but through imitation became reality? Living in a voyeuristic society, basing the goals of our lives on some staged ones, is to be expected. We like things to look pretty. And that’s not bad. Isn’t it worrisome, however, that this ideal some are striving for, is that of a fictitious, simple, yet perfect and perfectly curated life?
Maybe you’ll say the audience should be alert and not be fooled; to know real from false. But is everyone always aware of what is true and what isn’t? Do we live too much inside of images? I know I’m exaggerating but perhaps for every exaggeration, there is a person out there who is truly baffled.
For some people -young, insecure, not yet found their place in this world, or anyone really- the feeling of inadequacy when looking at others’ perfect “Sundays” is inevitable. My sad bread and jam pales in front of the luxurious, hotel-worthy, croissant and coffee, staring up at me from a square border.
Pondering I might and I could go on but that’s the way things are, and I’m not bitter in living amongst them. I reckon most of us can make the distinction. Those beautifully set up breakfasts, provide at least some food (pun! oh, not a fan? too bad) for thought.
Well then here's how I spend my Sundays. Hope it makes you feel better about yours.
  • Wake up. The time depends on what time I slept and how. I usually wake up at around 9.30.
  • I'll fill my bottle of water and grab my book.
  • My parents are usually watching telly: morning news shows and I might sit on the sofa as well. I’ll  read for a bit, scroll down my Instagram and Pinterest feed and see if there're any interesting apps I want to download.
  • Then I'll go to my room and turn on my laptop. I'll read a few blogs, browse lazily my Facebook home page, open my emails.
  • I'll start working then on whatever I've got to do. It might be reading for a class, or writing, or practicing my French, or learning to code.
  • I'll usually be interrupted by my sister telling me it's time for our habitual and annoyingly time-fixated ride to get a coffee. Maybe we'll have a leisurely walk around the shopping and coffee shops area in our town, too.
  • Coming back, I'll carry on with whatever work I've been doing.
  • Mostly I'll be procrastinating  by looking at what others are doing on their Sundays.
  • “What? Where is she? It's so beautiful there I want to go too! Oh, it's close I could've actually gone.” *Cue emotions turning from anger and jealousy to frustration and annoyance and finally to disappointment as I turn to face the books looking up at me expectantly.*
  • I'll read and I'll do something cool in the evening. I still have time to turn my day around!
  • Lunch time! Sorry, but it's true. Sunday roast is the best kind of roast. I'm getting dangerously traditional here, but I don't even care.
  • Let's watch something then. After having eaten, I can never properly focus to do anything anyway. Maybe an episode of something. It's shorter than a film.
  • Let's try to study now.
  • I can still do this.
  • But what will I do in the evening?
  • It's already six! Where has the day gone?
  • God Sundays are supposed to be relaxing! F French, I hate them anyway!
  • Ok, just admit it: you won't go out tonight.
  • Well, that's perfect then. I can still be productive at least.
  • *Some focus is being restored. Information is being processed and stored in my short-term memory.*
  • 8 o'clock! Already?  I'm going to eat some food.
  • "Maro, do you want to watch something?" ....... "Well...sure, why not?" (You can see how reluctant I am when it comes to watching a favourite series or film.)
  • Oh, wow I'm yawning. The truth is, I'm kind of sleepy. Let me just work a bit more...
  • 30 minutes later: All right that's enough! I have Monday free as well anyway! I'll move today's to-dos to tomorrow. I'll wake up earlier than usual.
  • But I can't sleep so early. My insomnia will strike again and I'll be tossing and turning in my sheets for hours.
  • I'll just watch a few harmless Youtube videos.
  • Well, look at me, me! I didn't watch more than I’d planned! High-five to me! (Insert Liz Lemon high-fiving herself).
  • Time for bed. Pj's, check. Book for a bit of reading, check. Water bottle next to me, check. Alarm set for 8 o'clock, check.
  • Closing the lights after a normal amount of time, check.
  • I can't sleep, check.

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