What to Wear to Uni (College/School)

Going to university too? Deciding what to wear, especially when you’re first starting can be daunting. Even if you've been dressing for a school environment for many years, your wardrobe might still baffle you at days and leave you wondering what to wear. In my experience, you’ll get better (and faster) at getting dressed as time goes by. You’ll also be able to wake up later, which means you'll get to sleep more, which, in my experience, is the one thing you’ll really miss as a student.

You might find at first your instincts luring you towards creating elaborate outfits, seeing that you're the fashionable person you are. Resist that urge! I know I sound bossy- “I’m not, I swear!”- but I’ve found that the most successful uni outfit are the ones you feel comfortable in. Now if you manage to create an outfit both elaborate and comfy, then you, my friend, get an A+ on “Uni Dressing 101”!

For starters, a relaxed outfit could take a myriad of forms. The possibilities are endless. You might feel nice and cosy in a pair of jeans and I might feel comfortable wearing a skirt. Once you find what your favourite things to wear are, you can start building your outfits on that basis and then if you feel like it move on from there.

For example, my style has changed radically since I first started university and I now feel at ease with clothes I’d never have even considered wearing five years ago.

Whatever your unique case, here are some ideas on how you can style some key pieces that are very much on trend for autumn-winter 2015 (and you might already have similar ones) and make them work for college.
University outfit: roll neck, boots, parka, tote and denim dungarees
Zara Parka, Topshop dungarees, Topshop roll neck jumper, Topshop boots, Asos bag (similar).

My favourite dungarees are back! So comfy you can throw them on every day if you feel like it. They're also not in white this time because if you're anything like me you always run the risk of sprinkling those oh-so-horrible, yellowish-brown dots, courtesy of your shaky, coffee-baring hands all over your garments. This pair of boots is mighty fine but if you don't feel comfortable with wearing any kind of heel at uni, then by all means wear your trusty trainers. I know I probably would. 

University outfit, skirt, jumper, trainers, jacket and bag
Motel Skirt @ Topshop, New Balance Trainers, Zara Tote, Zara Jumper, Zara Shirt.

If a skirt is more to your liking this is the way forward. The colour is perfectly in tune with the 70's vibes all over this season's clothes and so is the striped jumper. To keep things modern, do like a true Scandinavian and pair yours with a pair of trainers and an oversized denim shirt as a jacket. Steer away from a backpack for this one though as the schoolgirl association would be unavoidable. Instead, opt for a roomy, simple and chic black tote.

University outfit: Jeans, jumper, suede jacket, ankle boots and backpack
Topshop Jeans, Bella Freud Jumper, Mango Coat, Topshop Leopard Boots, Dr Martens boots, Asos Bag.

This is an outfit for the girl who cannot imagine herself not wearing a pair of jeans. I feel you, girl. A pair of the so-called girlfriend jeans are loose enough but still remain fitted. Paired with a simple knit (or a particularly clever one by Bella Freud) it can work for all kinds of occasions. That suede jacket is already on my wishlist. Two shoe options prove this outfit to be a style wildcard. 

University Outfit: Black skinny jeans, oversized jumper, suede jacket, tote bag, dr. martens and scarf
Topshop Jeans, Dr Martens shoes, Asos Bag, Zara Coat, Unif Jumper @ UO, Topshop Neckerchief.

This one is based on what I gravitate towards on most days. A simple pair of black skinny jeans and an oversized top. Simple as that. If you want to make the outfit more on trend pair it with a suede trench coat and a nice neckerchief. The Docs will boost the youth factor of the outfit.

University outfit: dress with trousers, roll neck jumper, brogues, raincoat and black backpack.
Topshop Jumper, Mango Dress, Asos Raincoat (similar) , Zara Trousers, Zara Backpack, New Look Brogues @ Asos.
Have you seen any of the Spring Summer 2016 collections? That "trousers-under-dress" trend is spreading everywhere, so be an attentive student by adopting it in advance. I've always loved wearing roll necks under my short-sleeved dresses, but now I'm obsessed. Brogues will match the masculinity of the trousers but if you want to upgrade (pun very much intended) your outfit, add a shiny raincoat and a backpack.

Bonus Tip: All these outfits can be worn for a night out too. Just swap the bags for some smaller ones (how about a faux-fur one?) and wear some heels if  you feel like it. 

Let me know what sort of outfits you're wearing or would love to wear to go to uni!

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