Last-Minute Gift Guide #2

A Book for You

Moving on from beauty, when you find yourself in a situation when you really can't decide what to get to a person, a book is probably the way to go. 

I always find them to be such a quality present. Nothing can beat a good book, be it coffee-table or a simple, humble paperback. Plus, it's easily wrapped so what more is there to say?

So, get to your local bookshop and get your friends and families some books. It's also really nice to support the local businesses in your area. You can uncover many hidden gems if only you look for them. 

Just a few words of advice before you buy anything (though you probably already know all these in which case, please ignore me.)
book gifts fiction

book gifts non-fiction

  • Think of the interests of the person for whom you're buying the book for. There's a book for everyone. Honest.
  • If they're avid readers' of literature, at least, try to get them some fiction. They can always exchange it if they've already got it.
  • In my opinion, children's books (like Harry Potter or His Dark Materials) are not just for children anymore, especially for those of us who grew up with them. Find a beautiful edition and bring them the gift of nostalgia, this holiday season. Perhaps give them a pack of tissues as well.
  • Cookbooks for the foodies is an easy idea to come up with. Trying to find one they haven't got already is a much more complicated task.
  • Also, graphic novels can be great presents. On my wishlist are "Maus" and "Persepolis".
  • Here's a site that has all sorts of literary presents.
  • And this one for all sorts of students. 
  • A good thriller or detective novel is a great option for anyone who craves some good fast-paced action and suspense. Jo Nesbo's novels are loved by many people and I've also heard that Robert Galbraith's (aka J.K. Rowling) novels are brilliant too.

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