Winter Essentials: 2015

I’m pretty sure you’re bored to death by now of hearing or reading about what you’re going to need to buy for this winter season. I mean, I’m fairly positive that like myself, you don’t need someone telling you, you need a bloody coat. “Do I? Really?” “Oh, in red! Well, that changes everything!” No, it doesn’t.
Each season it seems everyone is trying to reinvent themselves, their wardrobe included. But isn’t what we’re really doing, spending more money for something we don't really need? I know I don’t need another coat but that doesn’t stop me from wanting another one: a new, slightly different one to add to my collection.

Are they essentials then? Probably not. All of us who love fashion, who love thinking and reading about it, have without a doubt all our “winter essentials” sitting in our wardrobes, waiting to be taken out for a spin.
Hence, I won’t be using the word essentials for those sartorial items I really want to get my hands on this winter. I know I  have most of them in previous editions already.

 Like an app that needs to be updated, I’m also programmed to be in need of an update each year. I’ve got to look brand new. Of course, I’ m never new. I’ll never be truly updated. All I am is older. My memory is fuller. I’m changed but not new. As a society, we tend to worship anything new. Bright, new and shiny is what we want our things to be. Maybe that’s because we know we’ll never be new. One could go on and on about why we’re so fixated in the idea of newness. But that’s not what I want to talk about.
Going back to clothing then, those “winter essentials” are not really necessary. I don’t think, however, that anyone reads that word in its literal sense. Additions could take its place. Adding new things in your already existing wardrobe is not wrong at all. It only follows that we want something different each year. Change is part of being human and it would be scary if we remained stagnant in any facet of our lives- wardrobe included. That doesn’t have anything to do with our personal style. I find, that people who pay attention to their style, manage to keep the narrative of that style cohesive despite the changes that occur with each season.

In the same way, we add things, it’s equally important to throw things away. Clothes (or anything really) that don’t inspire us, or express us in any way, don’t have to be kept just because. Getting rid of them can be a cathartic experience. It also allows you to add those new things. It’s worth noting that something old can be “new” too. That’s why I love vintage finds. There’s just something quite poetic about bringing new life into something old. Many times I find myself wondering about what my "new" vintage blouse has seen. I’ll never know, but I feel stupidly proud for wearing an experienced garment. (That's the point where I start to wonder for my own sanity.)
Winter additions then. Oh, I have so many that I want! I’m sure I won’t get to buy half of them, but that doesn’t stop me from adding more each day. Greedy you say? Oh yes! Definitely!

So here are my top winter 2015 Winter Additions! Please tell me yours as well. I’m really curious in general and I want to make sure I’m not missing out on anything.

  1. A black velvet blazer is all I dream of these days. The luxurious fabric can dress up any outfit and I'd love to wear in the day with a pair of jeans and for the party season with a glamorous jumpsuit underneath.
  2. A humongous scarf to cover my neck, shoulders and my ginormous head hopefully. Winter is here and I need to not get sick.
  3. I love these flats! They're from Vagabond which is a brand I know makes really comfortable shoes. Every shoe I've ever tried from them is so light you wouldn't believe it from looking at the picture. 
  4. A pair of off-white trainers. The classic white ones are on everyone's feet right now so I thought I'd be (ever so slightly) different.
  5. I've been wanting a bomber jacket for ages and this one isn't too expensive. Longer is always better for me during the winter.
  6. Turtleneck with a metallic shimmer running through it. Need I say more? Perfect for the holiday (day and night) season.
  7. Here we've got another one roll neck. Can't tell I'm obsessed? The funny thing is my parents hate them because it's all they've been wearing throughout the 70's. Wonder if we'll feel the same way...
  8. Leather trousers. This one's a big one. I've been wanting a pair for a long time, but I never liked any of the faux versions. This one's expensive so it needs to be thought out very carefully before committing.
  9. Black skinny jeans. Nothing more to say. I seem to buy a pair every year.
  10. A punchy red sweatshirt for when I want to look cool, embrace athleisure and brighten my mood. It has the added benefit of keeping me warm.
  11. Ok, so can we talk about these booties? If there's one thing I'd buy without a second thought, that's the one. They're so chic and modern and can be worn in any occasion, plus they offer some  much-needed height. Oh, and that contrasting, bone heel? Love.
  12. A short fur coat. I've been wanting one of these since last year. I was watching all those cool girls on their bikes covered with warm furs while I was trembling on the sidewalk, daydreaming how I could achieve their perfect nonchalance. A fur coat was the answer. If I manage to get one before Christmas, you can rest assured that it'll be worn on every single holiday party. And I do not exaggerate.

Now all I have to do is wait for my Christmas presents. Family and friends take note! 
And don't forget to come back. There will be gift guides for all us late-shoppers.  

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