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Happy Spring!

After a week of heavy showers and storms, which I enjoyed but they seemed out of place and time, the sun is back on a wide blue sky.
The temperature is also rising and although I’ll be sad to hide away my heavy coats, I’m excited to start playing with the new season’s clothes.
I might even have to go shopping. My mind is already daydreaming of holidays near nature, be that the country or the seaside.
Lately, however, I started thinking of the benefits of buying less but more targeted. We live in such a commercialised and consumerism obsessed era and fast fashion is a great temptation.
Of course, I’ll never stop buying from the high street. I don’t think I would be able to, to be honest. But saving those few pounds each month for a bigger buy might be worth the wait.
These are my plans and if not for now at least for the future. It’s always great I think to have goals to be working towards.
Who knows, even taking this little step could contribute in the big staircase towards living more sustainably.
All this ended up of course, with me browsing web shops and daydreaming of the clothes I could be wearing this Sunday morning if only they were in my closet.
I think I might dress up and take a stroll in the sun.

Enjoy your first day of Spring! 

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