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My sister with the bluntness that sometimes only children and teenagers can have, once told me, that I  could never look cool. In an instant my hopes and dreams of emulating that certain “je ne sais quoi” of the stylish French girls vanished into thin air. Why, I asked, trying to understand and get some insight. Maybe I'd be able to fix it. She replied, saying that I always managed to make everything I was wearing look a bit stiff and preppy; that you could  actually see I was trying to look a lot cooler than I felt.

After considering this for a while, I was able to find the truth in it. I wasn’t yet that comfortable with my style and hadn’t really developed it to the point where I could prance about in the city exhuming ease and confidence. 

I didn’t give up, though. I certainly don’t believe that I am “cool” now but I know that I’ve grown much more confident with my sartorial choices and that isn’t just because I became more comfortable in my own skin, but also because I kept trying.

I kept on wearing those clothes that proved that I was trying. It's true, I might have been standing out more than others but that slowly led me in developing a sense of who I truly was or at least in what clothes I felt most myself in.

I still try to look cool. Everybody does I guess in some way or another. Cool is being yourself they say, and I couldn’t agree more but I’m pretty sure that everybody looks even cooler when they’re being themselves and at the same time, are enwrapped in a bomber jacket.

Yes, I know. Groundbreaking. It proves however that a trend is born for a reason and can serve a very noble purpose, as in making me look (or making me think that I look) a tiny bit more like an off-duty model. Perhaps it’s a sort of placebo. All I know is that for me it works so maybe you should try it too.

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My only problem now is deciding on just one. I have my eyes on a khaki one but I’d also love an embroidered one (and a pink one, and how about a metallic one?) which can transform a simple outfit in an instant. 

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