A Spring Outfit

If you ask me, I'll say I hate summer. Spring is okay, but I much prefer autumn and winter.

Then, the first magnificent days arrive. The sun is high up on the sky; the light is almost sweeping away all the greyness settled in the city. How could I be asking for rain and cold when it's that bright outside? Well, I don't. Instead, I find myself enjoying the outdoors much more than my office-potato arse cares to admit. I will try to squeeze a small walk into my schedule whenever I can. The main reason, however that I like it when it's getting warmer is that I can finally store in the deepest corners of my shoe wardrobe, my humongous snow boots that I wear whenever the temperature drops below 5 degrees. I swear I'm not a hypochondriac: I just suffer from a syndrome of icy feet, which could potentially prove to be a great superpower but for now, it hasn't served any purpose whatsoever, other than giving me excuse to put on the previously mentioned boots whenever possible.

So yes I'm a happy clam when I can wear my Converse without having to wear five layers of socks. Lighter clothes are also generally more comfortable. I've yet to find anyone who is happier in a jumper than in a t-shirt. Although don't quote me on that because something tells me that come September I will praise the knitwear gods who bestowed upon us this beautiful garment. But I just love being able to move my hands freely, you know?

Spring weather in my mind equates with lighter colours as well. I mean I do love a good pastel combination in the winter but whereas wearing them, then, would be a cure for my blue mood, now it just feels right: putting them on and go prance around, soaking the sun.

My sister and I have made a habit of going out for coffee on Sunday morning. We will sit in our favourite coffeehouse, talk, laugh -okay, maybe also fight- and then walk around for a bit. Although I've got to admit that because we are early birds, we find ourselves in the company of families with small children and pensioners. We don't mind to be honest. There is an idyllic calmness in starting your Sunday before the buzz of brunch hour.

This outfit I loved, if I do say so myself. It was comfortable and bright and light-blue is one of my favourite colours. I've also started wearing a brooch on my jeans to add some pizazz and character to an otherwise simple outfit.

I just hope I'm not challenging the weather gods to ruin this beautiful weather.

Old Zara Jacket (Similar here and here), Sisley top (similar here), Black Jeans (similar here), Black Converse here, Vintage Brooch.

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