Monday Shopping

Happy Monday!
From Left to Right: Zara Trousers, Zara Blouse, Asos Blouse, Sister Jane Shirt, Zara Skorts, Mango Shoes.

If you're anything like me, and Mondays are the bane of your existence for no apparent reason, other than that they start perfectly fine and end up miserable, then I'm sure you're going to need a pick-me-up today.
For me, it doesn't get any better than browsing online in the "new in" sections of my favourite clothing shops. It's true: I might end up being more fed up than I was to start with because I seem to be incapable of looking at clothes without wanting to buy them all. But unfortunately, that's impossible.  Which makes me ask the hardest question of all: "How do I narrow my wishlist down?"
 I've got no idea.  I just prioritise (somewhat). "How badly do I want this top?" "Would I want to wear it every single day if it was magic and it never became smelly or dirty?" "Do I need it?" "Will it fit in with the rest of my clothes?" "Will it make friends with them?"

By then, I'm bored of asking questions, and I've probably already bought the said item. I must have really, like, really wanted it.

Currently, I seem to be crushing on anything flare-sleeved or ruffled. I'm also tempted on buying a pair of blocky heeled ballerinas.

Here then are a few of my items on my current wishlist. Feel free to steal them. It means there'll be less left for me to waste my money on.
And please do share your own. I need to daydream and swoon some more.

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