A Casual Outfit: How to Dress Like Yourself and Not Your Mother

Spring/Summer Rain Outfit feat. neckerchief and denim - www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Sometimes, I'm dressing exactly like my mother did when she was my age.

I've not planned it when that happens. It is or it feels like it's a subconscious choice. I don't realise that the clothes I pick out of my wardrobe are things my mother would draw out as well until I look in the mirror, only to see the image of my young mother looking back at me. It is an image I've never really witnessed myself, but only through yellowed, faded pictures or fuzzy narratives.

Spring Rain Outfit or "I'm never parting with my black jeans"

Spring rainy day outfit, featuring black jeans, a cream blouse and chunky sandals. www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Last week, I rather proudly claimed I would part with my beloved black jeans until September when the sun wouldn't pose a threat of permanently moulding them onto my skin. Imagine then my annoyance at having to take them out of my wardrobe for a new spin.

Was I annoyed at not being validated by the weather, that summer had arrived for good? Or was it simply that I was feeling like a hypocrite? Well, here I am now, admitting that it was too early to wave those jeans goodbye.

Monday Moodboard: Colourful Summer Inspiration

Happy Monday!

Hope you're having a good one.
Here's what's inspiring me this morning.

Vogue UK February 2016

Urban Ourfitters Mens Instagram

Collage Vintage

Havana, Cuba via samcannon.tumblr.com

Jim Bachor street mosaics

Gucci Spring 2016

Be Paper Poster via Honestly WTF

Natalie Suarez of natalieoffduty.com


Audrey Hepburn

Be Paper Poster via Honestly WTF

Chanel Resort 2016 (Havana, Cuba)

Rebecca Louise Law's Spectacular Floral Installations
Gucci Resort 2016

Vanessa Jackman

Stella McCartney SS2016

None of these images are my own. They were all found via Pinterest and Tumblr.

The Top of the Season: Off-The-shoulder

Off-the-shoulder Tops: Spring/Summer 2016 Trend- Shopping Selection. www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com
1. Mango, 2. Sea, 3. Monsoon, 4. &OtherStories
5. Mango, 6. Topshop, 7. Miss Selfridge, 8. Cecilie Copenhagen
9. Mango, 10. Whistles, 11. Tibi, 12. Whistles,
13. Mango, 14. Rag & Bone, 15. Mango, 16. Marques' Almeida

Happy Sunday!

Every Sunday, I find myself looking at clothes to buy more often than other days. I don't really know why that is. Perhaps it's because I've got more free time and I'm more relaxed. Maybe or it's down to my planning ahead and visualising my week and in what clothes I'm going to face it in. I'm not one to mindlessly buy every "must-have" each season might have to offer. However, when they fit my style, I love dipping into some of them. This season there were many that caught my eye and captured my heart.

All White Outfit

Every year, the minute it hits mid-May I always find myself gravitating towards white clothes. While, during winter I love wearing black and even total black looks, as soon as the thermometer indicates that it's over 20 degrees Celcius, I'm just about done with black. "Thank you and goodnight; see you after September or on a rare cold night when I might have to cuddle again into your reassuring arms."

I'm not a bit sad, though. White always proves to be an excellent replacement. It goes with everything and if you have enough white clothes, then you can manage to coordinate your summer wardrobe around them. At least that's what I do.  The white top will become your best friend and the white jeans will replace the black ones you hadn't taken off all winter. Again, the colour- or lack of colour, to be scientific- makes them the epicentre of my summer wardrobe. If paired with other colours they will complement them and make them pop. If worn with other whites, they are sure to make a statement.

All White Outfit - Perfect for Summer! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

All White Outfit - Perfect for Summer! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

All White Outfit - Perfect for Summer! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

All White Outfit - Perfect for Summer! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Most importantly, however, white clothing keeps me as cool as possible. And I mean cool in both its senses. As long as you manage to keep them unstained (which is a feat of its own, I'm telling you), they can lend an air of nonchalance and je ne sais quoi to the wearer. They will immediately make you think you're Jane Birkin, holidaying in the French Riviera, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your arrogance levels. Either way, the heat levels of my body always thank me while wearing white.

Where does all this talk for white come from you ask? The other day the effects of the sun were starting to get to me. I was sweating and feeling slightly dizzy and when I came home, I immediately hid away my skinny jeans, long sleeved tops and black trousers. Then I scoured my wardrobe for anything white -and thank goodness I have lots of those (see: accumulation over many summers spent under the heat of the Mediterranean sun!) Even just looking at white outfits online or even interiors managed to cool me down. The next day, after having taken such a visual white bath, it was only natural that my outfit was an all-white one.

All White Outfit - Perfect for Summer! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

All White Outfit - Perfect for Summer! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

To be fair, I was hesitant at first. I never thought I could pull something like that of. I'm not that tan, especially in person, and I worried I would not do the outfit justice. In the end, I like to believe that it worked, both visually and practically. The great success and my proudest moment was eating a whole ice-cream (and a cone too!) and not getting a big, embarrassing chocolate stain on my pristine jeans. Hooray!

I definitely urge you to try wearing all-white too. I promise it has the magical power of bringing you one step closer to summer.
 (Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any stains that might occur. It's the price you've got to pay: a dry-cleaner's bill every week.)

What I'm wearing:

Zara Top (old, similar here), BDG Jeans from Urban Outfitters (old, similar here), Reebok Classic Trainers.

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Monday Moodboard

Summer is Coming

The weather is getting warmer by the day and it's getting harder and harder staying focused in everyday life and not drift away in daydreams of distant islands and leisurely walks on pink-sanded beaches. Let's indulge then and keep the daydreaming alive until the time when we will wear our new bikinis and our new (bottled) tan, grab a good long book and let all our worries be carried away by those white-capped waves.

Summer is Coming Inspiration www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Summer is Coming Inspiration www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com
Jeanne Damas

The Shoe of the Season: Espadrilles

Espadrilles Summer 2016: A collage of options- www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com
1. River Island, 2. Soludos, 3. Topshop, 4. Castañer 5. Chloé, 6. Soludos, 7. Saint Laurent, 8. Aquazzura , 9. Valentino, 10. Soludos, 11. Lanvin.

Every spring is the unofficial beginning of the summer hunting season. No, not game hunting season, but of summer pieces and especially shoes. They might as well have been game, though, for all their elusiveness. There are a great number of things to consider when buying your summer shoes, especially if you don't want to end up with too many pairs that you're probably not going to wear at the end. A good summer shoe, has to include most of those elements:

Wearing your shirt backwards: Trend on trial

Summer 2016 trend: Wearing your shirt backwards! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Summer 2016 trend: Wearing your shirt backwards! www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Today, I thought I’d delve into one of those tricky trends that emerge each year from the synthesis of both street style and runway fashion. Last year was the year of the culottes (which I still love tbh.) This year, the trend on trial is none other than wearing your shirt backwards; back to front, or however else you want to call it (Sidenote: I know the "name" is ridiculously periphrastic but I swear I couldn't find a  sweet and snappy word for it. I'm listening for naming ideas...) . The styling trick is that you wear the button up bit on the back, preferably leaving a number of buttons undone.

It’s one of those trends that seem really hard to be pulled off unless you have a model’s physique, your back is always straight and magical too, keeping all shirts on, no matter how loose and open. I knew then that if I wanted to avoid any embarrassing public wardrobe malfunctions, adjustments had to be made.

All White


As always, inspiration is vital for me especially at the beginnings of a new week. Lately, I've been in a white mood. I'm craving its crispness and freshness, the fact that it can symbolise a fresh start. It's also the perfect colour to wear as we approach the summer months. Here's to white. 

white inspiration: summer style,fashion, interior design- http://www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com
Neiman Marcus

Spring Neutrals

Neutrals and Linen

Can you tell I've been daydreaming of being on holiday, wearing linen, sipping drinks on the beach and enjoying long balmy nights out in nature? Well, until that day arrives, I can be satisfied (but not really) by bringing those holiday vibes in the city.
However, you translate that, I'm sure you could inject a dose of your summer wardrobe in your every day until that long-awaited break arrives.
 Linen is a key player for me in the summer time. It works perfectly for both work and weekend on an island.
The new trendy mule loafers -that brilliant Alessandro Michele brought into all our radars are also appropriate for any occasion. I know they're probably not to everyone's taste but I bloody love them.
Also: espadrilles. An affair that will know no end if I can help it. I might not buy any sandals but boy, do I want a pair of espadrilles! I mean I need them: they let your feet breathe during those horribly hot months.
Last but not least, a pair of fancy sunglasses. Pretty self-explanatory for the spring/summer period. I've never met a pair that I didn't like, which makes my bank account suffer so I try to resist as much as possible and save for those that I really can't do without.
Here's some inspiration for the weekend then. Shopping will be done; money will be spent; oh woe is me!

Transitional Dressing

Styling the "winter" skirt for spring.

Spring Skirt 1: How to wear a winter skirt in spring- http://theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Come spring, I always seem to find myself in the tricky position of not having "spring clothes." For me, this is a category of clothes that is a) illusive b) can be confused with "autumn-wear" c) very tricky and also d) not tricky at all. Now, I don't know if I am alone or not in this state of bewilderment every time the weather is starting to get warm but not quite hot enough yet to wear shorts and a tee. Either way, a solution has got to be found without me buying a whole new wardrobe just for the brief period of one month, which is how long spring weather usually tends to last.

Consequently, I've been repurposing my winter wardrobe. It seems to be the only way and in any case, when I love a piece a lot, I cannot stand the thought of having to wait a whole year to wear it again. It seems like a waste.