The Top of the Season: Off-The-shoulder

Off-the-shoulder Tops: Spring/Summer 2016 Trend- Shopping Selection.
1. Mango, 2. Sea, 3. Monsoon, 4. &OtherStories
5. Mango, 6. Topshop, 7. Miss Selfridge, 8. Cecilie Copenhagen
9. Mango, 10. Whistles, 11. Tibi, 12. Whistles,
13. Mango, 14. Rag & Bone, 15. Mango, 16. Marques' Almeida

Happy Sunday!

Every Sunday, I find myself looking at clothes to buy more often than other days. I don't really know why that is. Perhaps it's because I've got more free time and I'm more relaxed. Maybe or it's down to my planning ahead and visualising my week and in what clothes I'm going to face it in. I'm not one to mindlessly buy every "must-have" each season might have to offer. However, when they fit my style, I love dipping into some of them. This season there were many that caught my eye and captured my heart.

We've talked about espadrilles. But if there's one trend this season that is the indisputable winner, that is the off-shoulder top. And with good reason too. Perfect for days when the weather suffers from mood swings and cannot decide if it wants to be hot or not. You can throw it on with your everyday jeans and your look suddenly seems more current than ever. It also hits the right spot for women who want to feel sexy without flashing lots of skin. It lends a breezy attitude to whoever's wearing it and it flatters everyone alike.

Many of us feel insecure about parts of our bodies but I've never seen a woman who can't rock an off-the-shoulder top. It demands to bare your collarbones with confidence and if you can't just fake it until you get the knack of it. I know that's what I'll be doing until I get used to feeling uncovered. Straight back, chin up and you'll feel like a movie star. And if you're worried about it climbing your neck as you move your arms about -you are human, after all- there's a trick for that via Refinery29. I'd give it a go if I were you.

What I love most about this trend is how subtle it is and how democratic. Anyone can wear it, and even though I'm repeating myself, it is a trend that will allow anyone, no matter how bashful, to give it a go. Not all of us can show off deep decolletages or low-cut backs. Consider this the kiddies pool that will perhaps allow you to move eventually to the grown-ups one. I'm really sorry for that metaphor.

It's also nice to experiment with adding attention to a part of our bodies, or outfits for that matter that we usually don't. The neck above those bare shoulders would look amazing with a neckerchief tied around it -another big trend of the last few seasons. Jewellery-wise, a necklace would defeat the purpose by looking almost accidental and would break the flow of the neck. A chocker would be better, making a statement instead. A long or even two long earrings will make you look like you've come straight out of a Celine campaign.
I know that if there's one trend I'll be buying in this year, it's this one. A winner for its versatility and easiness one (or more) of these tops will be finding their way in my wardrobe (and hopefully sooner than later because I seem to be running low on summery tops for some reason.)

P.S. I know,  there's a substantial representation of Mango in the shopping options, but they just happen to offer a great selection and to be honest I'll probably be buying one of them at the end.

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