Spring Neutrals

Neutrals and Linen

Can you tell I've been daydreaming of being on holiday, wearing linen, sipping drinks on the beach and enjoying long balmy nights out in nature? Well, until that day arrives, I can be satisfied (but not really) by bringing those holiday vibes in the city.
However, you translate that, I'm sure you could inject a dose of your summer wardrobe in your every day until that long-awaited break arrives.
 Linen is a key player for me in the summer time. It works perfectly for both work and weekend on an island.
The new trendy mule loafers -that brilliant Alessandro Michele brought into all our radars are also appropriate for any occasion. I know they're probably not to everyone's taste but I bloody love them.
Also: espadrilles. An affair that will know no end if I can help it. I might not buy any sandals but boy, do I want a pair of espadrilles! I mean I need them: they let your feet breathe during those horribly hot months.
Last but not least, a pair of fancy sunglasses. Pretty self-explanatory for the spring/summer period. I've never met a pair that I didn't like, which makes my bank account suffer so I try to resist as much as possible and save for those that I really can't do without.
Here's some inspiration for the weekend then. Shopping will be done; money will be spent; oh woe is me!

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