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Styling the "winter" skirt for spring.

Spring Skirt 1: How to wear a winter skirt in spring-

Come spring, I always seem to find myself in the tricky position of not having "spring clothes." For me, this is a category of clothes that is a) illusive b) can be confused with "autumn-wear" c) very tricky and also d) not tricky at all. Now, I don't know if I am alone or not in this state of bewilderment every time the weather is starting to get warm but not quite hot enough yet to wear shorts and a tee. Either way, a solution has got to be found without me buying a whole new wardrobe just for the brief period of one month, which is how long spring weather usually tends to last.

Consequently, I've been repurposing my winter wardrobe. It seems to be the only way and in any case, when I love a piece a lot, I cannot stand the thought of having to wait a whole year to wear it again. It seems like a waste.

Spring Skirt 2: How to wear a winter skirt in spring -

Spring Skirt 3: How to wear a winter skirt in spring -
Case in point, this burgundy corduroy skirt I'd bought last year from Urban Outfitters. I'll be the first one to admit that I'd bought into that whole 70's trend, but I'm #noregrets. I'd always got an affinity for that decade, be that music or fashion.

First of all, gone are the tights. My legs can finally be free of their number one frenemy. Gone are the ankle boots too. Instead, my trusted white trainers are proving to be an excellent replacement. They are the new all-rounder shoe, and I can't imagine taking them off anytime soon. Consider this a forewarning for the number of times you're going to see them on this blog.

Topwise, things are much easier to lighten up. I've replaced my favourite knits with my favourite tees, and that's just about it. ( Oh, how I do enjoy it when the sentences rhyme!) On top, a lightweight jean jacket did the job on this occasion. If I've got to be honest, though, I feel like I need a new one. One in a darker wash perhaps, more oversized. I know that this would be risking me looking like I'm drowning, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Spring Skirt 4: How to wear a winter skirt in spring -

Spring Skirt 5: How to wear a winter skirt in spring -
Here's me, being tortured by the sun rays that fall straight into my eyeballs.

Spring Skirt 6: How to wear a winter skirt in spring -

Spring Skirt 7: How to wear a winter skirt in spring -

So there you've got it. A way to wear your winter skirt for spring. I know it's nothing groundbreaking. But I also know that a lot of times I'm reluctant to wear seasonal clothes outside their designated season. Linen was always meant to be worn in the summer while velvet was a warm winter's companion. It's hard to get past such restrictions and try to be different. It's such a pity, though, to wear some things for only a given period when they could work as extra materials on any outfit canvas. Let's repurpose our clothes then, breathe new life into them and try to postpone shopping for one more week.

Top: old (similar here)
Skirt: UO (similar here and here)
Cropped Denim Jacket: Topshop old (similar here)
Trainers: Reebok Classic Leather (here)

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