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20 Picks from the Budget Sales + Some Tips

Budget Summer Sales Tips and Picks -

The sales continue and so is my unabating desire to shop. I've been trying to restrain myself, though. I'd much rather book a holiday at this point than spending all my money on clothes I wouldn't have somewhere to wear. As I'm growing older, I getting better at managing not only my money but also controlling the deep-set craving for overconsumption. I'm not great at it, but for the most part, I like to shop things that I know I'll love for a long time, and that will last for as long as possible. I think that buying good quality isn't something that everyone can afford to do, but if you're careful with careless spending or buying too many trend pieces that you'll have to donate next year, at some point you'll probably be able to buy something a bit more expensive that'll be worth its money.

Now, as for the sales, they can be extremely tempting. I could easily see myself buying two or three dresses since "come on, they're as cheap as chips" that I don't need since I've already got some similar ones in my wardrobe.  But if you're a bit careful you can navigate the more budget-friendly sales without falling into the whirlwind of endlessly clicking "add-to-cart." (However, sometimes you just need to do that, and I'm not judging one bit.) In case you want to save up during the sale season, here are some tips that work for me:

A Multicultural Outfit for Summer

A Multicultural Summer Outfit

Red and White Stripes, White Denim Shorts, Inspired by the French Riviera -

Considering what's been happening in Europe these last few days, it's becoming harder to imagine how we could have an inclusive and respectful multicultural future. I'm always trying to remain optimistic and yet part of me still breaks when any country claims they want to stand alone. That "alone " is something I could never understand.

Firstly, on the human level, I doubt many people are satisfied being alone. Sure, there are the introverts, but even they crave the companionship of other people, albeit in a different manner. At the same time, no one can have the same power when they are part of a team than when they're isolated. An army is an army because of its numbers; a giant alone wouldn't stand much chance facing a legion of well-prepared warriors on his own. 

Most importantly, however, I don't understand how some people can find multiculturalism to be a "force for evil" when for me, it's one of the most positive and inspiring forces in our world today. We can travel all around the world, meet different cultures, blend with them or choose to stand apart. There's a dialogue that's always open and welcomes everyone to participate, and in my head, it's there to push us towards bettering ourselves, by way of learning from others, helping others and broadening our minds to include points of view that we could never have dreamt of. 

What to Pack for a Beach Holiday


Holiday season is upon us, and while many lucky ones have already had a few swims, others (myself included) are still eagerly awaiting the moment we'll be able to get to the beach. Swimming and summer are inseparable in my mind. Ever since I was born, I was lucky enough to be able to visit the place where my father's from, and where the beach was only a 15-minute drive away. As soon as school was over, we would pack our overflowing suitcases, trying our hardest to fit everything in the poor car and we'd be off. If there's one word to describe those summers, it would be "carefree", a word which, unfortunately, I can't use that often nowadays. But I was. All the other children were, too. We would play all day, swim all day, eat ice-cream all day, and when we had to study (why wouldn't they leave us alone for the summer?! Damn their homework!), we would study without the stress that usually accompanied this activity.

I think that many of us each summer, have this deep desire to return to the holidays of our childhood and in particular regain some of that insouciance that defined it. We seek out endless days of fun and relaxation, treats in all their forms, long reads that we're too stressed to start in the bleak winter months. It's no wonder that so many people from all over the world travel to places like the Mediterranean islands to spend their precious holidays. The weather, atmosphere and attitudes on these areas welcome this "summer mindset" we've been craving. 

Many of us, however, and I know this from my experience, get unnecessarily worried before travelling when we face the one task that can make our holidays a much bigger hassle than it should be, and that is packing. Since I have packed hundreds of times for summer holidays on the beach, I thought I'd give you my tips to perhaps make it less stressful for you. 

Summer Sales: Luxury Shopping for the Holidays

Luxury Sale Shopping

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Just a quick shopping post today because I've been having trouble creating a collage for a holiday packing post I've been planning to share. Can you tell I've been itching for holidays? I hope you are as well! 

 Now, for today, I'm sharing with you a few items that have caught my eye in the designers' sales. I'm always browsing online even in the luxury sites. To be completely frank with you, I don't see myself buying anything that expensive anytime soon. I'm still on a student's budget, and I wish to save up for future studies too. But if you're lucky enough to be able to afford any of these dreamy clothes I thought it'd be a pity not to share these gems. If you're like me, then feast your eyes and stay frugal but inspired for your next trip to Zara ;)

I adore the stripey swimsuit; it's so punchy and in your face and yet somehow, it's subtle too. I suppose that is the result of carefully picking out the exact right colours. Kudos to however designed it!

And how about that Sea gingham midi dress? Isn't it lovely? Just be careful not to have a picnic while wearing this number. People might think you're going for a theme or participate in some sort of public art installation. The Sea collection had had me captured ever since I first laid my eyes on it on the Vogue Runway website. Love.

Also, I've been having a moment with Isabel Marant. As much as I love watching the ultra-minimalist outfits the Scandinavian street-style stars come up with, I've accepted the fact that I'm never going to be that girl. I'll always gravitate towards anything embroidered or influenced by traditional outfits of  different cultures.  Isabel Marant seems to offer a lot of them ATM so it shouldn't take anyone by surprise that I've included so many pieces of her. When I was picking them out, I hadn't even realised how many were from her. That says something right? If you want to read more about the regeneration of Isabel Marant, Pandora Sykes has written an excellent piece all about it.

That's all for now, folks! These pieces create the perfect summer wardrobe for me. They work as an inspiration whenever I buy new clothes for this season or even the next one. I don't see myself disliking any of the above next summer. The first thing I'll buy, though, is another bikini because let's be honest, that is the one thing we'll be needing multiples of during the holidays. At least I hope so! (On the high-street I usually love Oysho's swimwear line. Take a look.) Here's to lots of swimming!

I'm thinking about doing a similar post with more budget/affordable sale pieces next week. Keep your eyes peeled if that's where you'll be mostly buying from.

Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate. That does not change the fact that I've been drooling over each and every one of these items.

Monday Moodboard: A Mediterranean Beach Holiday

Cliff Beach, Corfu, Greece via Bloglovin'

With the temperature rising above the 40-degree mark today and with tomorrow being the longest day of the year, I think it's safe to say that my mind has been travelling. It's extremely hard to even sit in one place when it's that hot, let alone concentrate in any sort of task. I've been trying my best though letting my mind wander to crystalline beaches with cooling waters.

The holiday season is upon us and for many fortunate ones it has already begun. Occupying my mind with the planning of my next holiday trip, it helps me get through each day in its anticipation. Though I love visiting cities in general, summer for me equals beaches, ice-cream, salads, long reads and a few lightweight clothes. Give me those and I'll be a happy clam. There are so many places that I want to visit someday, but I realised that there are also several I should appreciate more to which I have much easier access, at least geographically.

I believe that we often underestimate what's right under our noses. I fully intend to explore new places this year, see them from new and different perspectives and perhaps report back with my impressions, tips and of course pictures! Until then feast your eyes on these photos that have me dreaming of enjoying a Mediterranean holiday on the beach.


A Weekend Outfit that Goes Beyond the Weekend

Culottes for the Weekend and Beyond: how to style them for summer -

So... culottes. They're a bit polarising, aren't they? People seem to either hate them or love them. A few seasons back it was only the very fashionable who would wear them, but now it seems we've been oversaturated with them. We are no longer puzzled by them or afraid to try them for ourselves. I've seen many women on the streets wearing them to work, to coffee with friends, to night-outs even.

I don't blame them. I've been one of the first, at least in my circle, to discover them and the joy they offer you and your over-heated body on a hot day. I still think they're the most comfortable and proper bottoms to wear in the city when you're not allowed to wear shorts and it's too windy to go for a skirt.

But, hear me out. I've been getting quite tired of them. Perhaps it's that oversaturation. Or, I might just want to move on to new combinations. I might even want to wear more flattering clothes. I've been hesitating on taking them out anytime I open my wardrobe and my eyes fall on my culottes.


How to Find the Perfect Bra

with ThirdLove

Bra-blems with Thirdlove. A guide to help you find the perfect fitting bra.

Picture this... Though, you probably don't need to picture it but feel it since you've probably felt it many times in your lives.

You're walking down the street, with your new summer dress on, and you feel like you could take on the world. The dress is clinging in just the right places; it has an open back from which the top of your spine is peaking through. You've worn your favourite pair of espadrilles for extra comfort. Oh to be young (in mind) and free! And then... Then, you feel it, like a tingling sensation down your shoulder. The blood vessel on your forehead is beating harder than it should, and you feel that you must look like a manga character. Your bra strap has slipped again! "Of all days, did it have to be today?" you ask yourself. "But of course," you add continuing your inner monologue, "it happens every day so why would today be any different?"

Or maybe, you've been feeling the bra band slowly climbing your back all day long like a persistent climber that will not stop his ascension until he reaches your neck. Or you might feel it digging into your skin as if the same climber decided your back was too smooth and he needed more holds to ease his the way upwards.

Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

Realisation par via their tumblr

"Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer; those days of soda and pretzels and beer..." and the Nat King Cole song goes on in that lively rhythm, and I can't ever not hum along when I hear it. Since I'd first heard that song on Gilmore Girls years ago, each year like clockwork, in June, July and August my mind seems to put it in a constant loop.

Another thing that's always on my mind around the same period is summer dresses. Summer dresses in all their forms: from mini to maxi, from clingy to flowy, I love browsing them in the interwebs, feeling their soft fabrics in shops, imagining how they would fit on me and how I could style them. To anyone who's in love with styling, by that point, they're probably drooling all over at their infinite summer styling possibilities.

All Hail the Summer Dress!

All Hail the Summer Dress!

Do you hear that? It's the tacky summer breeze passing through the lush trees beckoning us to take out our loveliest summer dresses!

Summer Dress Season 2016: vertical stripes in neutral colours + sunnies + skiiny belt = the perfect summer outfit!

 For the past year or so, I've been steering away from dresses. Perhaps that was due to my not wanting to look cute. Or maybe, I've just grown out of them, preferring the support and security that jeans offer me. And yet as soon as summer rolls in, I jump right back into the dress bandwagon.

Because let's face it. There's nothing more comfortable to wear when it's boiling outside. Sure, you might be losing the chance to mix things up and try different combos since the outfit's premade for your wearing pleasure, but as I've said before you can still let your personality shine by way of accessorising with sunglasses, jewellery and all that good stuff. In any case, I truly believe that every clothing item manages to look different on each one of us.

Notes #1

Express Yourself

Notes on shyness, perfectionism and how to (try to) overcome them.

Express Yourself: Shyness, perfectionism and overcoming them - thought piece

One of the biggest challenges for me as long as I can remember was finding myself in a situation
where I would unavoidably be noticed. I’d say that I even went as far as to avoid any situations that had the potential of placing me even for a few moments under the spotlight. That meant that throughout school, for example, I would try my best to avoid participating in class- despite how beneficiary that would be for me and my grades. I’d also wear the blandest (for me) clothes, or at least the most basic ones that would guarantee not to attract any eyes in my direction. In short, I would go to great lengths, making sure the camouflage I had placed over myself, always stayed in place.

Now, one of the main reasons I was behaving like this was the fact that I was extremely shy; not introverted, but shy. Sure, I might have always preferred being prepared before having to speak. My face would turn tomato-red if they asked me a question out of the blue. I’d probably mumble some sort of answer, but I doubt it was ever the one I had intended it to be. Even if I were prepared, though, I’d still hold myself back and never, ever raise that hand, even if I was 100% sure what I’d say would be the correct answer. And trust me, I would internally beat myself for it afterwards. It made me feel disappointed with myself. For me, it meant that I was a coward that would never be able to express my talents or even succeed in anything at all since the only person who knew about my accomplishments was myself.

15 Things To Do On a Sunday

15 things to do on a Sunday-

Sundays are the bees knees, and no one denies that. There's no work, you can sleep in, you might even allow yourself some indulgences. I know I do. During summer, Sundays are even more brilliant if that's possible. There's an exhilaration flying in the air, almost as if they're tiny particles that enter people's systems through their open pores and spread in them this vigour. This is how I'm feeling on this beautiful Sunday morning, but who knows; maybe it's all just the coffee buzz.

In case you're wondering how to spend this new-found buoyancy, I've compiled a list of things I'd love to do on a particularly energetic Sunday:

Finding the Perfect Sunglasses for Summer 2016

The Perfect Sunglasses for Summer 2016 -
Silver (anti-clockwise): Urban Outfitters Pale Pink Metal Brow, Ray-Ban Round Metal in Silver, Le Specs "Bandwagon", Dior "So Real", Dior "Technologic", Oxydo Round Metal, Marc Jacobs Frameless Sunglasses.
Rose-Gold: Quay "Cherry-bomb", Quay "All My Love" Rose Metal Sunglasses.
Oversized: Loewe Tortoiseshell "Filipa" , Le Specs "Bravado", Celine "Shadow" Sunglasses.
Round (clockwise): Ray-Ban Round Metal, Celine round, Le Specs "Hey Macarena", Ray-Ban Rounds in purple, Acne Studios "Winston", Quay "Kosha" Round Sunglasses.
Cat-eye: Asos Chunky Cat-eye, Asos Cat-eye Metal Nose Bridge, Quay "Sugar & Spice", Thierry Lasry "Celebrity".

As I've said before, I believe that sunglasses can be the essential, standout piece of an outfit during the summer months. They can 'make' an outfit when layering is gone, but you just need to add something to keep things interesting.  I mean, as much as we enjoy going on sartorial adventures, explaining trends, being enthused over Gucci's show in Westminister Abbey, dreaming of pulling off those over the top neck bows, at the end of the (summer's) day, we just feel the need to put on something light, airy and comfortable that will help us survive on a long, hot day. No one wants to be stuck (literally) in their office chair.
So here's why I love sunglasses as an accessory so much:

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Welcome June!
Welcome, summer!

I'm sure that it's finally arrived for good. Sun is out; school is out, and that can only mean one thing! Most importantly, I wore shorts for the first time, which to me is the surest indication that the new season has begun.

The shorts in point are quite controversial, I must admit. They're slightly too baggy, and not in an intentional sort of way, but in a "they hadn't had them in a smaller size" kind of way. Hey ho, though, being the daredevil that I am I refused to throw away a perfectly good and comfortable pair of shorts just for that reason. Let me tell you why they have clawed themselves into my wardrobe and will probably stay there for many summers to come: