15 Things To Do On a Sunday

15 things to do on a Sunday- www.theblushfulhippocrene.blogspot.com

Sundays are the bees knees, and no one denies that. There's no work, you can sleep in, you might even allow yourself some indulgences. I know I do. During summer, Sundays are even more brilliant if that's possible. There's an exhilaration flying in the air, almost as if they're tiny particles that enter people's systems through their open pores and spread in them this vigour. This is how I'm feeling on this beautiful Sunday morning, but who knows; maybe it's all just the coffee buzz.

In case you're wondering how to spend this new-found buoyancy, I've compiled a list of things I'd love to do on a particularly energetic Sunday:

  1. Have or go out for a brunch. It's nothing new, but in the risk of being a "basic bitch", here I am stating that I enjoy them. I might not be having mimosas but a cappuccino with a piece of cake, but that's a treat enough for me. Though, if you like a challenge, dare to go somewhere you've never gone before, or try that smoothie flavour that always tempted you but never got around to trying. Here's your chance!

  2. Get out of your house and take a walk. Nothing more invigorating than walking around and taking in your neighbourhood with a pair of new-found eyes. 

  3. On that note, be a tourist in your own city! Go and follow those socks and Birkenstock fellows with their noses stuck in the maps. Go and hide your own nose inside a map and discover the unfamiliar trails.

  4. Make something. Search for DIYs on Pinterest. Find one you can actually accomplish.

  5. You can bake something if you're not so good at crafts. I can guarantee everyone will enjoy a delicious cake at the end of the day!

  6. Plan the rest of your week! You don't want to wake up Monday morning all stressed out. It'll only retroactively ruin the lovely Sunday you've just had. Make sure you fall into Monday as smoothly as possible. 

  7. Exercise! If you've figured out that you enjoy exercising, then this won't be hard for you. If you haven't, well there's probably not much I can say to convince you, but if you're feeling down, a bit of a run out in nature(if you can find it) will do wonders for the health of both your body and mind.

  8. Go to an art gallery (if it's open!)

  9. Go to a museum (it must be open!) Let's get cultured. You've got some time!

  10. Curl in a snug sofa and read a good book. It could be anything. If you don't want to read something heavy; don't! Just pick out any book you fancy and start reading it. Do you remember the pleasure you felt when school was out, and you could finally read the books that you wanted for once? (was it Harry Potter for you too?) Let's find this misplaced feeling once more!

  11. Get an ice-cream! Because it's summer and why not? 

  12. Call a friend. You probably want to talk to someone, but you're usually "what'supping", "vibering" or whatever. Sometimes it's good to actually hear the other person's voice isn't it?

  13. Take a proper, pampering bath. With oils, bubbles, masks and everything. Throw in a pedicure for good measure. It's sandal season after all!

  14. Tidy up your bedroom. You know what they say: clear space, clear mind. Or something along those lines. Put on some music and dance around while doing it. It'll be more fun than you thought. Promise!

  15. Take a breather! If you feel so knackered because of the hard week you've just had, that you feel like doing absolutely nada, then by all means do so! Put on your favourite show and binge-watch to your heart's delight, or sleep as much as you want. As I said, indulge and give yourself a little pat on the back. You need it!

Conclusion? Just spend your Sunday however you bloody want! It's your Sunday, and hopefully, you're as free as a bird to do with it what you like. I mean you might wish to work through it. Who am I to discourage you?

Here's to all our different Sundays!

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