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20 Picks from the Budget Sales + Some Tips

Budget Summer Sales Tips and Picks -

The sales continue and so is my unabating desire to shop. I've been trying to restrain myself, though. I'd much rather book a holiday at this point than spending all my money on clothes I wouldn't have somewhere to wear. As I'm growing older, I getting better at managing not only my money but also controlling the deep-set craving for overconsumption. I'm not great at it, but for the most part, I like to shop things that I know I'll love for a long time, and that will last for as long as possible. I think that buying good quality isn't something that everyone can afford to do, but if you're careful with careless spending or buying too many trend pieces that you'll have to donate next year, at some point you'll probably be able to buy something a bit more expensive that'll be worth its money.

Now, as for the sales, they can be extremely tempting. I could easily see myself buying two or three dresses since "come on, they're as cheap as chips" that I don't need since I've already got some similar ones in my wardrobe.  But if you're a bit careful you can navigate the more budget-friendly sales without falling into the whirlwind of endlessly clicking "add-to-cart." (However, sometimes you just need to do that, and I'm not judging one bit.) In case you want to save up during the sale season, here are some tips that work for me:

  • Get some inspiration.

    If you want to change up your look, create a mood board of the styles you want to emulate. Look at sale edits of people whose style is similar to yours.
  • Make a list.

    Separate your wants and your needs and make sure your needs come first.
  • Buy seasonally

    (unless you honestly know what you'll be wanting to wear next season):
    Sticking to things you know you'll wear in the summer for example since you're unsure come winter (because winter has come in case you missed it-GoT reference anyone?) what you'll be needing or loving.
  • Buy classic pieces.

    You can never go wrong shopping classic pieces even if you buy them off-season. Since they're timeless, you could amp up their quality, making sure they'll last you for years to come.
  • Set a budget

    and try not overcoming it, no matter what.
  • Be honest.

    Make sure you really love an item or you really need it. Sometimes looking at the sale price we're left stupefied as if unable to think clearly. Your list of needs and wants will come in handy at this point.
  • Indulge in something you really love.

    No point having regrets later.
  • Outfits

    For all the items you pick out, try to think up outfits you could put together with each one. If you've got nothing in your wardrobe or your shopping cart that could work with it, maybe it's not meant to be. Otherwise, you'd had to go and buy at least one more item.

Here are some items on sale that I've saved this week in case you need some inspiration for your own shopping

Budget Summer Sales Tips and Picks -
|1. Greylin Dress | 2.Asos Beach Bag | 3. Baum und Pferdgarten Dress |
| 4. Urban Outfitters Twill Dungaree Dress | 5. Lost Ink Mule Sandals| 6. Ganni Blazer |
 |7. New Look Denim Skirt | 8. Wyldr Tea Dress | 9. Mango Strap Sandals | 10. New Look Nude Pumps |

Budget Summer Sales Tips and Picks -
| 11. Good Vibes Bad Daze Shorts |12. Pieces Cross Sandals | 13. Pistol Panties Swimsuit|
| 14. Urban Outfitters Lea Sandals | 15. Pia Rossini Beach Dress | 16. Senso Tie-up Sandals  |
| 17. Gestuz Strappy Dress | 18. Glamorous Playsuit | 19. Asos Cami Jumpsuit | 20. Asos Cold Shoulder Top |

If you're interested, here are my picks from the luxury sales!

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