How to Find the Perfect Bra

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Bra-blems with Thirdlove. A guide to help you find the perfect fitting bra.

Picture this... Though, you probably don't need to picture it but feel it since you've probably felt it many times in your lives.

You're walking down the street, with your new summer dress on, and you feel like you could take on the world. The dress is clinging in just the right places; it has an open back from which the top of your spine is peaking through. You've worn your favourite pair of espadrilles for extra comfort. Oh to be young (in mind) and free! And then... Then, you feel it, like a tingling sensation down your shoulder. The blood vessel on your forehead is beating harder than it should, and you feel that you must look like a manga character. Your bra strap has slipped again! "Of all days, did it have to be today?" you ask yourself. "But of course," you add continuing your inner monologue, "it happens every day so why would today be any different?"

Or maybe, you've been feeling the bra band slowly climbing your back all day long like a persistent climber that will not stop his ascension until he reaches your neck. Or you might feel it digging into your skin as if the same climber decided your back was too smooth and he needed more holds to ease his the way upwards.

We can agree then, that any person with breasts has faced problems with their bras. "Bra-blems", if you will. You'd think that during the centuries that we've been wearing them, we would have come up with the perfect formula to banish them once and for all, exile them even in the land of forgotten, old problems but alas, things seem to be so much more complicated!

For me, my number one "bra-blem" is gapping. You know the one. Everything appears to fit perfectly fine until you notice a gap between your bra and your Thelma and Louise. This one's particularly annoying because of the potential nip-outage when wearing a low-cut top.

One other time, as I was walking casually down the street, my ladies were suddenly much freer than they'd normally be. Panicking slightly (okay, a lot) I tried to manoeuvre my way into clasping the bands back together and trust me on this; the whole process was not graceful. People probably thought I was having a severe itch on my back. Well, let them believe that.

Fed up with all these bra issues, I will at times attempt to go braless and usually it works. I'm fortunate to have a set of "B's" which means that I can get away with wearing nothing under my top if I don't mind the "nipping". I still prefer having some support on a daily basis, however. During the summer, I love the feel of light-weigh bras or bralettes. I mean, I might find myself in need of a spontaneous run (I'm sure that happens to some, but I've never been fortunate enough to have any athletic impulses of the sort) so I wouldn't want to do that without a bra!

But here's another thing: many bras are disgustingly uncomfortable, especially when the wires seem like they're trying to cut through your skin or the band is determined to suffocate you. So, finding the right bra is not an easy task. It takes time, experience, self-knowledge and money because let's face it: this is all about trial and error.

Personally, I've tried everything: different cup sizes, different band sizes, but with each brand fitting differently and me having to figure out from scratch which size best corresponds to my measurements I end up ten times more apprehensive than I was to begin with. My bra is always "gapping" and the straps are a slipping slope mess.

On the bright side, during a girls' night-out, you might shyly mention your frustration out loud. And then, something magical happens. I'll call it "bra-bonding". There you are, all proud breast owners, absorbed in a conversation about tits, bras and the challenge that is finding a proper fitting one. It's quite comforting once you realise you're not the only one having these problems, and that most other girls, women and anyone breast-clad face similar issues. So you all start sharing your anecdotes, and mishappenings you have accumulated over the years as bra-wearers, nodding in unison and before you know it, you've banded (sorry, not sorry.)

Let's assume then that this post is one of those conversations. I'll tell you then that I love looking at guides online to help me choose the right bra for me. I also find it to be one of the most helpful tools. You can take your time and analyse the way your breasts are shaped, what are your unique issues, what has and hasn't worked in the past. Even the sales' assistant in the actual shops cannot help me as much. Perhaps it's because of the embarrassment I feel or because I hate bringing others in an awkward position. No matter why, I always end up buying the bra that fitted me in the shop, only to arrive at home and find out that under the pressure of the fitting room, I had misjudged how well it suited me.

I'm sure many of you can relate! So when I was inspired by THIRDLOVE to share with you a guide with the most common "bra-blems" and their solutions, I was more than excited to share it! They're a company that understands how difficult and intimidating finding the right bra can be. And that's why they're paying so much attention in guiding each one to finding the perfect bra for them.

Personally, I never knew how many breast shapes are out there! All normal and beautiful but just like a dress wouldn't fit the same on each body shape, same goes for bras and breast types. Just go and take a look at their Breast Directory. It's pretty amazing. From there and the chart that I've included below, I've found out that for my slipping straps, I should probably lean towards Full Coverage, Demi, and Convertible bras and for my gapping issues I should probably try going 1/2 a size down (brilliant having 1/2 sizes, if you ask me) or maybe get a Plunge style bra.

And as if that wasn't enough, there's a promo code for 15% off all orders, for all you out there, who I'm sure will be dying to get a lovely new bra with the proper fit. Just take a look at their beautiful bras. I'm sure that'll be enticing enough!
Just add the code BRABLEMS after the checkout to apply the offer!

Go ahead then and feast your eyes on this incredibly helpful chart:

Thirdlove: bra-blems and fixes

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