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Culottes for the Weekend and Beyond: how to style them for summer -

So... culottes. They're a bit polarising, aren't they? People seem to either hate them or love them. A few seasons back it was only the very fashionable who would wear them, but now it seems we've been oversaturated with them. We are no longer puzzled by them or afraid to try them for ourselves. I've seen many women on the streets wearing them to work, to coffee with friends, to night-outs even.

I don't blame them. I've been one of the first, at least in my circle, to discover them and the joy they offer you and your over-heated body on a hot day. I still think they're the most comfortable and proper bottoms to wear in the city when you're not allowed to wear shorts and it's too windy to go for a skirt.

But, hear me out. I've been getting quite tired of them. Perhaps it's that oversaturation. Or, I might just want to move on to new combinations. I might even want to wear more flattering clothes. I've been hesitating on taking them out anytime I open my wardrobe and my eyes fall on my culottes.

Culottes for the Weekend and Beyond: how to style them for summer -

Try as I may, though, I can't seem to be able to shake them off. As soon as the temperature rises, gone is all the oscillation. No more "uhs" and "umms" and "maybe nots." My eyes do not browse carelessly over them but caress them, thinking how much better they'd feel in place of a pair of jeans. I honestly did try to be rid of them and their sweet ways, but I couldn't keep up the act for much longer. I gave in, crumbled, melted even, like sugar. I'm that frail when it comes to keeping cool and being comfy in the heat. At least I'm not being liquefied, an effect which I can bet (though I've yet to test; it's too risky!) wearing my mum jeans in a 35-degree weather would have on me. I don't care if they're white and reflect back those pesky sun rays. Culottes are lighter and baggier and a better option for this time of the year.

To be completely honest, I've only been wearing one pair of culottes so far. I've also got a denim pair from Zara that I adored, but now it just doesn't do it for me. It's slightly stiff and hangs lower than it should've to be any flattering on me and alas since I haven't been blessed with a few more inches, it's quite long too, brushing past the mid of my calves. Now, sometimes I can't be bothered, and I'll wear it anyway. I'd rather wear it with some sort of heel though (block probably cause that's just me). And since I prefer wearing flats when I'm walking around the city, climbing horrific hills trying to get to my French course without looking like I've swum my way there, I haven't worn them at all yet. I do see myself putting them on though, on a calm Sunday morning while grabbing coffee and cake with my sis.

On another note, my sister has officially been converted as well. I've been extolling the culottes' benefits since last year to her, and it's finally sunk in. She's thanked me and now is cursing herself, for not wearing them sooner. She's had them in her closet for about a year, but she didn't know if they'd fit her and how she'd style them. My advice? Don't overthink it. Treat them as you would a midi skirt and dress them up according to your style. You could even wear them with a slinky top or an exposed back for a night out. Just have fun with it!

Culottes for the Weekend and Beyond: how to style them for summer -

Culottes for the Weekend and Beyond: how to style them for summer -

And if you've gotten bored with them like I have? Well, try wearing them in different ways and if all else fails, remember just how much more breezy they are to their alternatives!

On this occasion, I've worn them with a basic grey tee and my trusty Birks. It was a casual outing so I didn't feel the need for any additional frivolities. I've been wearing this outfit a lot lately. If there's one thing, I can attest to being consistent on; that is being an avid outfit repeater. I actually enjoy wearing the same thing in different places; otherwise, it seems to me like a waste of a well-curated outfit. This outfit has been my go-to, to say the least. One evening I had to attend the opening of an exhibition which was quite casual, so I wore my culottes and my tee with a pair of mid, blocky, grey heels that are a hybrid of the shoes we'd wear as kids in the 90's and a classic 20's t-bar shoe. It worked wonderfully if I do say so myself.

How about you then? Have you ever tried culottes? Love them, hate them, have you gotten sick of them by now? Let me know!

What I'm wearing:
Striped Culottes (old, similar here and here)
Zara Grey Tee
Birkenstocks here

Here are some more that have caught my eye in case you'd like to do some shopping (I especially love the gingham one!)

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