Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

Realisation par via their tumblr

"Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer; those days of soda and pretzels and beer..." and the Nat King Cole song goes on in that lively rhythm, and I can't ever not hum along when I hear it. Since I'd first heard that song on Gilmore Girls years ago, each year like clockwork, in June, July and August my mind seems to put it in a constant loop.

Another thing that's always on my mind around the same period is summer dresses. Summer dresses in all their forms: from mini to maxi, from clingy to flowy, I love browsing them in the interwebs, feeling their soft fabrics in shops, imagining how they would fit on me and how I could style them. To anyone who's in love with styling, by that point, they're probably drooling all over at their infinite summer styling possibilities.

A summer dress above all else for me has the ability to tell me a story. To transport me in a different place, to make me a different girl or woman. There's one for every type of female out there. I don't care if you don't wear dresses. I don't do too that much either. But my opinion remains that no matter what, a summer dress is the most practical and logical garment to wear during the hottest months of the year (okay, well, maybe excluding culottes). They're easy to throw on and head out at a last-minute call from your girlfriends to grab a drink. Perfect for a coffee run in the morning when you haven't woken up yet, but people still expect you to look human and not hostile for some reason that I can't fathom!

And if these reasons aren't enough, just think about wearing jeans for a moment in a 27+ degree weather. Just visualise it. No, feel it! Do you like the sensation of having something hugging you that tightly?
I can't even let people get too close to me when it's boiling hot. But I hear you, "what about shorts?" you ask, and you're quite right to do so. They do come close second to being the best summer clothing item. However, they're still tight most times, unless they resemble a skirt in a flowy material and if so I'll ask in turn: do they really constitute shorts? Maro here, asking the great philosophical questions since 2015.

I do have one last argument, though. Summer's for fun, right? At least that's what they tell me. It's for long strolls at the beach, endless nights, embarrassingly named cocktails, flirting at beach bars and dancing at open nightclubs. At least on holiday. So, dresses. They're much more fun, aren't they? Everything else compared to them seems like high-maintenance and hard work, two "jeez" words for when we're on holiday. Plus, dresses: they can be much sexier than anything else. I don't care how short your shorts are. Have you taken a look at the Reformation page lately? It's all an inspiration board for a good dose of summer sensuality. Call me old fashioned but I honestly believe there's nothing sexier than a good ol' feminine dress that nips at the waist or leaves the shoulders exposed, what with their newly acquired tan and freckles and all.

So, I don't know about you, but I've moved on from looking at tops. The ones I already have will have to suffice for now because I've set my eyes on about a hundred different dresses and they're all so different it makes my head spin. They have inevitably been prioritised because there's just some element about dresses that makes them much more covetable than other clothes. I never see a top, or a pair of trousers that I keep thinking about, that sticks in my mind and will not leave until I've bought it. With dresses, however, it's a different story. Even if I'm only drawn towards them in spring and summer, I can fall in love with so many of them. And that doesn't happen very often to me. (Unless it's shoes. I have a long string of love affairs with shoes of all types. I'm really not picky with them.) Since love and passion overrule like, I'm going to have to wait to buy tops until it's sales time. I don't want my bank account to suffer greatly.

Here are some options of summer dresses then, to consider:

-The slip dress: The 90's and "oh-so-right now" choice. I can just imagine wearing it on top of a plain tee to get the full 90's effect or plain with a pair of chic, block-heeled sandals and big, simple earrings for a more modern, clean vibe.

WSJ via Pinterest

-The wrap (or belted) dress: I've only recently fallen in love with these type of dresses, mostly thanks to Reformation and Realisation. Perhaps it's also that I'm (finally) growing up and realising how sensuous that wrapping around the waist can be; how playful and womanly as it showcases the figure. It's all about the hourglass shape with this one. And if during winter I love wearing oversized top to bottom, in summer I like to remind people, that yes, I do have a waist, see? It's right here!

The Reformation via their Tumblr

-The midi dress: This one's my saviour. It can come in any style, including all the above. I love that it saves you from flashing everyone when it's windy -unlike its mini cousin. I love that it can be really sensible but you can also find it in much more revealing variations, with open backs or deep, front plunges. They're bodycon, flowy, column, fitted at the waist and probably every other style you can think of!

The Reformation via their Tumblr

-The "bohemian"/"folk" (sorry) dress: For me these dresses equal summer. My dream is that one day I'll be able to get my hands on an authentic vyshyvanka dress, but until then I'll have to settle with others.
ELLE Mexico March 2016

-The Off-the-shoulder dress: Need I say more? They're the number one trend of the season and not in vain since they combine both the ease of a dress and the coolness of an off-the-shoulder top. Only difference is you don't have to wear shorts underneath, which means one less thing to think about, which means a more carefree summer, which means WIN! Here's my dream one.

Mario Testino for Harper's Bazaar November 1993 via Pinterest

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