Summer Sales: Luxury Shopping for the Holidays

Luxury Sale Shopping

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Just a quick shopping post today because I've been having trouble creating a collage for a holiday packing post I've been planning to share. Can you tell I've been itching for holidays? I hope you are as well! 

 Now, for today, I'm sharing with you a few items that have caught my eye in the designers' sales. I'm always browsing online even in the luxury sites. To be completely frank with you, I don't see myself buying anything that expensive anytime soon. I'm still on a student's budget, and I wish to save up for future studies too. But if you're lucky enough to be able to afford any of these dreamy clothes I thought it'd be a pity not to share these gems. If you're like me, then feast your eyes and stay frugal but inspired for your next trip to Zara ;)

I adore the stripey swimsuit; it's so punchy and in your face and yet somehow, it's subtle too. I suppose that is the result of carefully picking out the exact right colours. Kudos to however designed it!

And how about that Sea gingham midi dress? Isn't it lovely? Just be careful not to have a picnic while wearing this number. People might think you're going for a theme or participate in some sort of public art installation. The Sea collection had had me captured ever since I first laid my eyes on it on the Vogue Runway website. Love.

Also, I've been having a moment with Isabel Marant. As much as I love watching the ultra-minimalist outfits the Scandinavian street-style stars come up with, I've accepted the fact that I'm never going to be that girl. I'll always gravitate towards anything embroidered or influenced by traditional outfits of  different cultures.  Isabel Marant seems to offer a lot of them ATM so it shouldn't take anyone by surprise that I've included so many pieces of her. When I was picking them out, I hadn't even realised how many were from her. That says something right? If you want to read more about the regeneration of Isabel Marant, Pandora Sykes has written an excellent piece all about it.

That's all for now, folks! These pieces create the perfect summer wardrobe for me. They work as an inspiration whenever I buy new clothes for this season or even the next one. I don't see myself disliking any of the above next summer. The first thing I'll buy, though, is another bikini because let's be honest, that is the one thing we'll be needing multiples of during the holidays. At least I hope so! (On the high-street I usually love Oysho's swimwear line. Take a look.) Here's to lots of swimming!

I'm thinking about doing a similar post with more budget/affordable sale pieces next week. Keep your eyes peeled if that's where you'll be mostly buying from.

Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate. That does not change the fact that I've been drooling over each and every one of these items.

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