Finding the Perfect Sunglasses for Summer 2016

The Perfect Sunglasses for Summer 2016 -
Silver (anti-clockwise): Urban Outfitters Pale Pink Metal Brow, Ray-Ban Round Metal in Silver, Le Specs "Bandwagon", Dior "So Real", Dior "Technologic", Oxydo Round Metal, Marc Jacobs Frameless Sunglasses.
Rose-Gold: Quay "Cherry-bomb", Quay "All My Love" Rose Metal Sunglasses.
Oversized: Loewe Tortoiseshell "Filipa" , Le Specs "Bravado", Celine "Shadow" Sunglasses.
Round (clockwise): Ray-Ban Round Metal, Celine round, Le Specs "Hey Macarena", Ray-Ban Rounds in purple, Acne Studios "Winston", Quay "Kosha" Round Sunglasses.
Cat-eye: Asos Chunky Cat-eye, Asos Cat-eye Metal Nose Bridge, Quay "Sugar & Spice", Thierry Lasry "Celebrity".

As I've said before, I believe that sunglasses can be the essential, standout piece of an outfit during the summer months. They can 'make' an outfit when layering is gone, but you just need to add something to keep things interesting.  I mean, as much as we enjoy going on sartorial adventures, explaining trends, being enthused over Gucci's show in Westminister Abbey, dreaming of pulling off those over the top neck bows, at the end of the (summer's) day, we just feel the need to put on something light, airy and comfortable that will help us survive on a long, hot day. No one wants to be stuck (literally) in their office chair.
So here's why I love sunglasses as an accessory so much:

  • they are a universal must if you want to keep your eyes healthy. That means that you're obliged to have at least one pair. That might be your signature pair.
  • there is a vast variety to choose from. I doubt anyone has found themselves in the dire position of not finding a pair to suit them. The sky's the limit.
  • they can substitute layering. Combined with other accessories like jewellery and neckerchiefs-if the heat isn't too bad- they can perform similarly to layers. I know that I at least, get bored when I'm wearing the same thing over and over again. During winter, I can change my jacket, add a scarf, wear different boots. In the summer, the shoes can still change but by themselves and especially if you're wearing a dress they don't make that much of a difference. Change your sunglasses, however, and the outfit can be reconstructed by evoking different styles and attitudes. 
  • they are undeniably cool. I'm not the coolest person in the bunch. I'm goofy, awkward most times, and my hands tend to overreact when I'm talking to strangers even if it's just to order a coffee. Put me on some sunglasses, though, and my posture will instantly change. I don't know about you but with sunglasses on, I feel a confidence surging through me that doesn't happen with much else. Not even high-heels. (Okay, maybe bombers or leather jackets.) I don't know if it's because of how we always associate them with cool-looking people that have a "devil-may-care" look in their eyes but whatever the reason when having sunglasses on, the coolness deposit in me is overflowing (I'm being really dramatic here, but bare with me). 
  • you can find them at all sorts of prices. I'm not an advocate of buying cheap and throwing them away next season, but sometimes when you feel the need to indulge in trends that you're not sure you'll be enjoying next year as much, then it would be wise not to spend 300 quid or more on a pair of sunnies. But, on the other hand,
  • there are also timeless pieces that you'll probably get to keep for decades if you're careful and kind to them, thus slowly building a mini sunglasses' wardrobe to help you in your summer outfitting adventures.
So, if you couldn't tell already, I'm in desperate need of a new pair of sunnies. I have a red 'clubmaster" Ray-Ban pair which I've had for seven years at least, and it's holding up splendidly. The only problem is that they're prescription, and I need another pair for when I'm wearing my contacts.

Right now I'm mostly wavering from a pair of round metal Ray-bans, in silver, that I've been heart-eyeing since last year, to a pair of oversized, almost mask-like sunglasses like those Celine offers, which guarantee to make an impact, but I'm worried that they're too much of a trend-buy to pay so much for. I'm also drooling all over those Loewe ones. I just need a couple more guts to buy them. If you've got some to spare, please send them my way. 

I've shared above some of my favourites: those that have been catching my eye and that I'm considering if I don't end up buying one of those previously mentioned. From my experience, I love being enabled to browse and get shopping ideas, so I hope you do too!

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday! 
Stay tuned because next week will be all about summer dresses!

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