Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Welcome June!
Welcome, summer!

I'm sure that it's finally arrived for good. Sun is out; school is out, and that can only mean one thing! Most importantly, I wore shorts for the first time, which to me is the surest indication that the new season has begun.

The shorts in point are quite controversial, I must admit. They're slightly too baggy, and not in an intentional sort of way, but in a "they hadn't had them in a smaller size" kind of way. Hey ho, though, being the daredevil that I am I refused to throw away a perfectly good and comfortable pair of shorts just for that reason. Let me tell you why they have clawed themselves into my wardrobe and will probably stay there for many summers to come:

-they're comfortable

-they're loose, and that means there's no awkward fabric sticking onto the bum area when you're sweating profusely because you know, it's summer and if you don't sweat even slightly, then you must've got something wrong in your evaluation of seasons.

-they're the right length when you don't want to go full-on shorts yet or you want to keep things profesh and city-appropriate (school might be over but work isn't)

-they appear to be right on trend right now. There's been a resurgence for bermudas which I'm all for, especially in their shorter ramifications because they're more flattering on me than the knee-skimming ones.

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Going for a total grey look, I paired the shorts with my favourite Zara tee, that I could swear I've worn with every single piece in my wardrobe. You could say it's my go-to tee, and I wouldn't disagree. I chucked it on along with my favourite sandals and my sporty Adidas backpack. I know that for many, this bag might seem like the odd one out so let me explain to you my line of thinking for this one:

Firstly, you need to know that I love juxtapositions, mixing seemingly unmixable things in unexpected ways. I never go too much over the top, though. There're others willing to take things to a whole different level, but I don't think that's ever going to be me. By carrying this bag, I keep a youth, cheeky factor that could be gone if I was carrying my usual faux-croc one. It's also super light, thus amping the comfort factor. No one wants a sweat-inducing backpack.
(I've realised that there's too much sweat talk in this piece, which is to be expected considering it goes hand in hand with summer, like that annoying person that always tags along in certain groups of friends, and you'd wish they weren't there, but you like the others so much you're willing to pay the price.)

And that is all. Honestly, during the summer months, styling and fashion can take the downhill. Layering is gone, unless you like being tortured, the hems are getting shorter, and you're much more likely to give in to wearing a nice dress and fall into the arms of comfort and easiness it offers by having created a look for you already. It takes out all the work but -dare I add- all the fun as well. When it's over 25 Celcius though, I refuse to care too much.
Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

Transitional Dressing from Spring to Summer:All Grey -

The one thing that you can use to boost your outfit is accessories. Be that jewellery or a pair of ultra-fine sunglasses, if you're fortunate to have a great selection, all your summer's outfits are pretty much sorted. Even if you repeat the same one, just adding a different set of sunglasses or statement earrings, can make it look completely different. I love playing with a number styles by way of accessorising. With trainers, big mirrored sunglasses, hair tied back in two Dutch braids a la Kylie Jenner, and you've got yourself a much more "urban" look. (I'm sorry, I hate this word, yet here I am using it. Let me know if there's one that fits better.)

Soon I'll start wearing proper shorts, though. And a new summery dress is on the top of my shopping list. I'm thinking a midi, flowy one will do the job. What about you? What do you find yourselves wearing when summer rolls around the corner? Please, I need new ideas!
What I'm wearing:

Zara Tee
Zara Paperbag Shorts (old-similar here)
Adidas backpack (old- in black here)
Topshop sandals (old-similar here
Ray-Ban Sunglasses :(old+borrowed -thanks sis!-other options below)
Here's more options in case you love shopping around like me! 

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