The Magic Yellow Bus

The Perfect Holiday Outfit

I'm really sorry for the rarity of posts these last few weeks. Things have been quite slow around here, and a certain drowsiness seems to take over me whenever that happens, dragging me with it in a whirlwind of guilt and procrastination. If I want to be honest with you the rhythm on this blog is probably going to follow a slower pace throughout August as well. I'll try to post outfits and articles, but since I'll be on holiday where the Internet isn't at its best, I can't guarantee they will be as consistent as I'd like them to be.

It also seems that I've reached the inevitable point where the writer's or blogger's block hits and I've felt uninspired and less confident about my work on here. I'm always oscillating between two forces.There's a part of me that pushes me to publish as much as possible and the other part is reminding me that the content can be so much more important. There's also a sneaky third part that tells me I can do all these things at once and is mostly to blame for the guilt that takes over me from time to time. But what about you? Where do you stand on the whole quantity vs quality debate? I'd love to know. I'd also love to hear any recommendations for future posts or what you most like seeing on here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

In other news, my laptop was on the verge of catching fire. I was actually worried my hands would be burnt off anytime I'd type long texts. I'm glad to report, though, that as of yesterday my laptop is as good as new, and I can now type this very sentence on a normally heated Typepad. Hooray!

Now let's talk a bit about this outfit, shall we? It's another honest representation of my summer wardrobe. It almost never gets more inventive than this. This is why I've stressed the importance of accessories. In this case, with just one brilliant piece of statement jewellery I've managed to add some sophistication and intention to an otherwise simple outfit. The top is also printed which is not common for me but for some reason I gravitated towards this top from the moment I laid my eyes on it. Perhaps it's that it's got just enough black and white in it for me to feel comfortable in it. And it has proven quite versatile. I've worn it with whites, greys, blacks and even reds with an ease I wasn't expecting when I'd first bought it. And where I usually steer clear from yellows and oranges since they make me look like an extra in The Walking Dead, the yellow here is so subtle and away from my face that it offers its luminosity without taking away mine. Hooray again!

I know what you're thinking. You've got a whole yellow bus behind you, and your skin doesn't look that awful. To which I've got two answers: firstly, thank you and secondly, I'm fortunate to have my hair surrounding my face acting like a barrier from the bad influence of the yellow behind me. And trust me, in real life, it was slightly worse. I was brave though and took the pictures anyway. It was too happy a coincidence to find this yellow background on the one day I dared to put some on me as well.

That's all for now. I hope you've had a great week and if you're on holiday, enjoy the sun, the sea, the food, the rain, or whatever else you're having and don't forget your suncream!

xx Maro

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On Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal style
Jose Romussi
The one thing I've always found annoying about the so-called personal style is also what kept me from developing one myself, namely the conscious decision to label and box up myself and my style.

Why finding your style can be frightening

You see, in my head, as a young adult slowly gaining confidence, maturing, exploring and learning more about myself and the world, the worst thing that I could associate with fashion was having to commit to just one particular style and dress accordingly throughout the years. Hopefully, it's not hard to imagine why. Having just finished school and entered university my identity was under transition with which I was trying to cope, see what exactly it meant, and yes, on the surface find out how it affected my style. Everything was new and scary but equally exciting. The plans I was making all through my school years had come to fruition and at that point, the future seemed more distant and daunting than ever before. I had a new-found freedom and independence, and all I could do was stand before them paralysed as if stung by a giant jellyfish (I'm sure they exist and are invisible otherwise I cannot think why I feel so stunted some days. You've felt them too, I'm sure! Please tell me that you have, or I'll start to worry about my well-being!)

What does all that have got to do with personal style, you ask? For starters, I found committing to one style (in the way I understood it then) rather limiting. A contradiction started forming the minute I started my uni. While I was afraid of that new-found freedom, I was also afraid of being pinned down and tied up, because I knew that I needed to focus on just one thing and to decide what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I had to plan ahead even though I knew that plans don't always work out.

But while I was busy worrying about my future, where my decisions would take me and not wanting to dress in just one manner, I was actually stabilising my identity and guess what else? My style.

The Importance of the Fabric

 Colour and Length does not a Summer Dress Make

| Dress : Zara (old but similar here) |
| Sandals : Birkenstock Arizona|
| Bag : Zara (old but similar here) |

Cool Summer Outfit

Denim Cutoffs and a White Tee: The Epitome of Cool

It's very challenging dressing interestingly in the summer; can we just agree on that?
Cool Summer Outfit : A White Tee and Jean Shorts -

Cool Summer Outfit : A White Tee and Jean Shorts -

Cool Summer Outfit : A White Tee and Jean Shorts -

The pictures I'm sharing with you today are an honest depiction of my outfits on most of these last few days. Nothing fancy, frivolous or hell, even well-though out!I'm sorry, but I honestly did try. I opened my wardrobe doors, trying to visualise my hashtag ootd. I even considered wearing my denim culottes. But who was I kidding? It was the briefest thought in the history of all brief and fleeting thoughts. I knew that I had to wear shorts if I were to survive the scorch trials.

Once the denim cutoffs were laid as the foundation of my outfit, I knew I had to go all out and try to make the most of them. To me, that means pairing them with a loose fitting white tee, preferably half-tucked in which has become my go-to way of wearing any top. (Tip: it's great if you're not so tall and you want to elongate your figure but don't want to look too preppy, or office-appropriate by having all of it tucked in.)There's just something about the white tees and cutoffs combo that I've always associated with the uber-cool girls.

90's Fashion Inspiration

90's Fashion Inspiration

Monday Moodboard

Kate Moss by Denzil McNeelance (1993) 

Vogue Italia, 1991 Photographer : Michael Roberts Model : Carre Otis 

Sky Blue Dress

A Sky Blue Summer Dress

Blue Really Is the Warmest Colour

Summer Outfit: A Vintage Blue Midi Dress -

Summer Outfit: A Vintage Blue Midi Dress -

This dress has a long story. It's a bit older than me if I'm right in my calculations. I mean I haven't asked to see its ID so I'm going with what I know here. I first discovered it two or three years ago, but we go way back.  This dress was actually one my mum's maternity dresses. Are you shocked? I know, I was, when I chanced upon it one day as I was rummaging through my mother's old possessions -as you do. I picked it out of a box, gleaming at my find. Looking at the label, I saw it spelt "Pre-natal". It's safe to say; that was my first hint. When I brought it to my mother, showing her my haul, she only confirmed my suspicions. I didn't mind, though. I felt we had already established a connection, the dress and I.