90's Fashion Inspiration

90's Fashion Inspiration

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Kate Moss by Denzil McNeelance (1993) 

Vogue Italia, 1991 Photographer : Michael Roberts Model : Carre Otis 

Milla Jovovich by Peter Duke

La Turista Oriental: Kate Moss By Bruce Weber for Vogue Spain June 1996

There's just something about the 90's isn't there?

I don't know if this fascination comes mostly from people who were kids at the time or from everyone in general. The 90's however, with their anti-cultures, their cult telly and their overall aesthetics are no doubt (wink, wink) a reference point for many of us.

I was wondering if every generation has that same attachment to the decades in which they were born or which marked their childhoods. Are people who were born in the 70's nostalgic about the flower power and the disco? Do they wish they could go back to the days of Studio 54 and ultra-glamour? Are there any people who reminisce the good ol' days of shoulder pads and blue eyeshadows of the 80's? If there are, I'm not familiar with any of them. These are serious questions I'd love to have answered.

The 90's for me is a decade I've mostly experience through grainy photographs, terrible home videos and VCR recordings of my favourite cartoons. I was too young to appreciate all the fashion icons, (hello? Kate Moss in her slip dresses or baggy jeans!) the music, the attitude. I was only aware of them in the form of Teletubbies, Art Attack, My Little Pony and later, all of Mary-Kate and Ashley's straight-to-VCR films. As the 00's rolled in, however, and I started blooming slowly into my teen years, those icons were still all the rage. As everyone knows, the real 00's didn't start until we were well into 2003.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Claire Danes My So-Called Life

Drew Barrymore by Mikel Roberts, 1992

Always a shy child, I'd never dare to wear anything too on trend, preferring to stick to clothes my mother approved of. (And yes, that meant either sensible dresses with tights as a going-to-my-aunties outfit, or colourful leggings and oversized tees in every possible variation for everyday-wear. I only wish I were joking. Jeans didn't have any place in my wardrobe until I was at least 14. ) It makes sense then, that I distinctly remember, around the age of eleven or twelve, one of the few items I had chosen myself, which was a pair of flatform sandals. They were a hybrid between a grown-up platform sandal and children's trainers that'd make Lizzie Mcguire proud of me. Nowadays, it'd probably be categorised under the term of "athleisure" but that term didn't exist in the vernacular back then.

I bloody loved those shoes and had worn them to death. They were comfy, and they made me feel like myself more than anything else I owned. I never really got into chokers, though. By the time I realised all the cool girls were wearing them, it was already 2003, and those girls were now adults wearing low waist jeans with silky tops with lace at the hem (I challenge you not to cringe.) You'd be right to say that I'd missed my chance.

You can imagine my thrill then, when I realised that a) the 90's are back and b) the 90's are always back! Really, though. Are the 90's ever not inspiring? From the runways to the remakes we can't ever seem to be capable of shutting up about them, and I couldn't be more grateful for it.

Kate Moss Allure, April 1997

Angelina Jolie

Kate Moss for Calvin Klein

Chloe Sevigny for Juergen Teller

Here's to the 90's then, in all their spaghetti top glory! I'm off to watch some Buffy reruns. See you on the next rave? I'll be the one in the slip dress, failing to conjure the 90's Kate Moss spirit.

Kate Moss

Bjork: Source

Kate Moss by Corinne Day

Christy Turlington by Arthur Elgort

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