The Importance of the Fabric

 Colour and Length does not a Summer Dress Make

| Dress : Zara (old but similar here) |
| Sandals : Birkenstock Arizona|
| Bag : Zara (old but similar here) |

People claim that when you're stressed out, the best thing to do is dress up and go out. That can mean many things: a stroll in the park, a city ride, a coffee with a friend, a shopping spree, an alcohol-infused night-out. No matter how each of us interprets getting out in the fresh air is certainly helpful. At least I've always found it helpful for me so on a sunny Sunday morning; I grabbed my sister and some chocolate biscuits (because it's also "Sunday Funday" or as I like to call it "Eating-my-favourite things-day" ) and went out for a foamy cup of cappuccino.

The dress I chose is beautiful and feminine and everything a girl needs from time to time to perk herself up. Equally important into deciding on this dress was that it was colourful, as in it's got red in it, which is the perkiest and most uplifting colour I can think of. Well, maybe that's not entirely true, a bright blue can lift my mood instantly but red more than any other colour can make us feel confident and powerful or at least look that way. It's also floral and swirly which, with it being red, complete the Holy Trinity for feel-good dresses. However, being me, I couldn't  let the girlishness and cuteness take over. My Birkenstocks came to the rescue once again, for there's nothing that can kill the frilliness as efficiently as stomping about in a pair of oversized German slides. 

Unfortunately, while I did dress up nicer than on most days, I fell into a deep, dark pitfall. What my dress gains in allure, it lacks in comfort. Not to say that it's uncomfortable. Far from it. Truly there's nothing better and more comfy than a flowy and airy dress for when it's too hot. But, and there's a big but here, not all dresses are made equal and for all weather conditions. Can you tell where I'm going with this? This dress was bought during the winter and as much as it might resemble one of the dreamy Realisation par dresses it's certainly and I can now attest to that, not a summer dress.

There's a reason polyester and summer don't go together, why natural fabrics are the bomb of summer dressing, why there are different dresses for winter and summer. Alas, I had to find this the hard way so take heed of my warning and wear light fabrics when it's hot. Do not go out in a double layered dress, made of unnatural fabrics in a 35 degrees Celsius weather! For the love of all the ice-cream, don't do it! 

To put it mildly, I was melting worse than my ice-cream was. I just I kept calm and collected, and people couldn't see the sheer pain in my eyes. Walking back home and taking the bloody dress off must be one of my top 10 moments of the year. Nay, it must be in the top 5! Lesson learned though and never EVER to be repeated. The linen is the thing from now on. 

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