18 Ankle Boots to Buy Now for Autumn+Winter 2016

Autumn (or fall) can look like it's still too far away or at the very least most of us like to delude ourselves that it is. But if the products, currently rushing in stores and online, are any indication Autumn is racing towards us in full force. Sure, the weather might still be too warm to even consider wearing turtlenecks, and you might feel your skin actually withering when you think about trying on clothes for the new season, but truth is it's never too early to start planning ahead, or in this case, shopping ahead. So, go ahead and treat yourself in an ice-cream if you can't cope with having to look at (or heaven forbid, try on) clothing any heavier than cotton dresses. If that's the case, then you're one of the lucky ones still enjoying warmer climes. But, as we all know, many of us have already been wearing our jackets (mostly denim) on an everyday basis. No matter in which category you fall, there's one thing that you'll need to see you through this A/W season. And yes, that's the mighty ankle boot, the undeniable Queen of the Shoe Kingdom. All the other footwear bend under its shadow, be it of a block or a tractor heel. They might shine on occasion, but the ankle boot is the classic Queen song to their one-hit-wonder or a classic Bergman film to a modern, evanescent blockbuster. It's like the Harry Potter's: reaching audiences of all generations by being timeless, seasonless, uniting, all-encompassing, and yes, magical as well.

Since the shops are teeming with them right now, I'd suggest you start the hunt for your perfect pair. Or you can pick more than one because let's be honest: there's nothing that we wear more all year round than a simple ankle bootie. For now, stick to wearing them with your summer mini dress and that 90's choker for that perfect grunge, throwback look that'll make Marc Jacobs proud. When the temperatures drop, pair them with a pair of frayed, ankle-grazing jeans for extra coolness points. From printed, jacquard block heeled booties to minimalistic, sleek, black patent ones; there's a pair to suit all tastes. And while my metaphors might be rubbish, you can rest assured that the ankle boots following are top contestants for the gold.

Fashion Trend: The Ankle Boots to Buy for Autumn/Winter 2016.
Fashion Trend: The Ankle Boots to Buy for Autumn/Winter 2016.

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3 Easy Summer Holiday/Vacation Outfits to Wear on Repeat

Dress old but similar here and here

Zara dress

Playsuit old but similar here

Creating a summer holiday wardrobe can be one of the most frustrating undertakings one can have. There are many reasons why that's the case. Firstly, the weather's too hot for shopping and even that bag that you had been craving for month after month isn't enough to lure you out of the comfort of your perfectly AC cooled bedroom.

Secondly, all the good summer clothes seem to always be out of stock. "Did everyone go on holiday before you?", you can't help but ponder as you browse on Asos and that bikini you had saved for later just one week ago is now gone, maybe even for good. However, you might fall in love with some of the new-in items, for which I don't blame you one bit because just yesterday I swear I must've saved about seven chokers. If September arrives and I'm sporting at least one every week I wouldn't be surprised. But your plane leaves in two days and there's no way you'll have them on time and so you're stuck with the things you've accumulated over the summers of your recent past.

That's nothing to fret about, though; usually holidays mean relaxing and leaving your worries behind even if they're as trivial as deciding what to wear for the day. By that time, hopefully, you've already bought the items you deemed necessary to have on your holiday. If not, you might be just like me, realising last minute that you actually need a new beach towel and that your school backpack isn't cutting it anymore as a grown-up beach bag. I never got one one this year like I was planning. That is why on the beach I look like an overgrown child too eager to go back to school. But staying true to my previous statement and since the last thing I want to be is a hypocrite, I simply shrugged and decided to carry my trusty Eastpack for one year more. My number one advice: if you can afford to do so, try to relax on your holidays, enjoy the sun, the sea, the salt, the ice-cream and all the good things we're all too anxious to enjoy the rest of the year.

Personally, I realised I desperately needed just one more dress to be able to make the most of my time away. I know for a fact that most times I'm looking for something to just throw on me and head out the door. The less I've got to put on, the better in the 30+ degree weather we're having at the moment. Two days before leaving for my holiday I bought that off-shoulder Zara dress I'm wearing above. I've had my eye on it for quite some time so all I had to do was find where it was stocked in my size near me, take it out of the rack, pay it and place it right into my suitcase.

I was missing other things as well. But there was simply no time. And as I've said before the place where you're holidaying must have at least some proper shops. In my case at least, I knew for a fact that the island where I was heading has a great sunglasses market from where I bought the round metal Ray-Bans I fell in love with last summer but never got around to buying because I'm nothing if not a master procrastinator and probably the most indecisive individual I've ever met. I'm still bagless and on the lookout for the perfect one; one not overly girly but classic and just slightly quirky. But being the perfectionist that I am, I know I'll probably end up buying it next year.

The point is, that you don't need to overpack your summer suitcase. You're allowed to lay back and repeat outfits, forget about layering unless it's somehow your work or you actually feel like dressing up in which case go ahead. I mean here I am, thinking I'm keeping it cool and casual with my outfits and my sister insists that I still think about what I'll wear too much. Well, I love fashion so why not?. Coming up with outfits and matching them with the situations and occasions and different outings is part of me having fun and being creative. I don't think I could ever not do that. As long as I'm doing it for my own pleasure, it keeps being enjoyable.

If you're also going on holiday or are already on one, the I wish you'll enjoy them as much as I am! I'll keep trying to post on here as regularly as possible but regular programming won't be restored until late August probably. Thank you for being so understanding and for sticking with me. Enjoy your summer no matter what you're doing!

Lots of love!