18 Ankle Boots to Buy Now for Autumn+Winter 2016

Autumn (or fall) can look like it's still too far away or at the very least most of us like to delude ourselves that it is. But if the products, currently rushing in stores and online, are any indication Autumn is racing towards us in full force. Sure, the weather might still be too warm to even consider wearing turtlenecks, and you might feel your skin actually withering when you think about trying on clothes for the new season, but truth is it's never too early to start planning ahead, or in this case, shopping ahead. So, go ahead and treat yourself in an ice-cream if you can't cope with having to look at (or heaven forbid, try on) clothing any heavier than cotton dresses. If that's the case, then you're one of the lucky ones still enjoying warmer climes. But, as we all know, many of us have already been wearing our jackets (mostly denim) on an everyday basis. No matter in which category you fall, there's one thing that you'll need to see you through this A/W season. And yes, that's the mighty ankle boot, the undeniable Queen of the Shoe Kingdom. All the other footwear bend under its shadow, be it of a block or a tractor heel. They might shine on occasion, but the ankle boot is the classic Queen song to their one-hit-wonder or a classic Bergman film to a modern, evanescent blockbuster. It's like the Harry Potter's: reaching audiences of all generations by being timeless, seasonless, uniting, all-encompassing, and yes, magical as well.

Since the shops are teeming with them right now, I'd suggest you start the hunt for your perfect pair. Or you can pick more than one because let's be honest: there's nothing that we wear more all year round than a simple ankle bootie. For now, stick to wearing them with your summer mini dress and that 90's choker for that perfect grunge, throwback look that'll make Marc Jacobs proud. When the temperatures drop, pair them with a pair of frayed, ankle-grazing jeans for extra coolness points. From printed, jacquard block heeled booties to minimalistic, sleek, black patent ones; there's a pair to suit all tastes. And while my metaphors might be rubbish, you can rest assured that the ankle boots following are top contestants for the gold.

Fashion Trend: The Ankle Boots to Buy for Autumn/Winter 2016.
Fashion Trend: The Ankle Boots to Buy for Autumn/Winter 2016.

| 1.Asos | 2.Zara | 3.Balenciaga | 4.Asos | 5.Topshop | 6. Zara | 7. Acne Studios | 8. Uterque | 9. Mango | 10.Zara | 11.Topshop | 12.Gianvitto Rossi | 13. Dr Martens | 14. Topshop | 15. Mango | 16. Uterque | 17.Asos | 18. Uterque |

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