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Back to School/Uni Outfit | Part 2

Back to School Outfit Inspiration featuring dungarees and off shoulder dress
Back to School Outfit Inspiration featuring dungarees and off shoulder dress

Monday Shopping

Back to School and Uni Wishlist

Back to School/Uni Shopping Wishlist
House of Sunny Sweatshirt | Tophop Loafers |Light Before Dark T-shirt | Weekday Coat | Stussy Double Layer T-shirt | Tophop Fringe Jeans | Zara Joggers | Zara Ankle Boots | Topshop Spliced Tee |

It's the first September in my life that I haven't got any kind of classes to attend. I'm finished with school and uni, and though next year I'll be at it again, for now, I'm taking time off from being a student. At first, I thought it'd be great. Hell, grand even! But being a student was all I ever was: it was a label I could claim without reservations, though admittedly with some indignation. I never really enjoyed school but the learning process, I quite relished. Granted, not all the subjects were my cup of tea. I could never get my head around complicated maths -for which I blame my mental teacher- and that had a domino effect on other subjects. But, languages, literature and other "useless" subjects, I was actually excited for. Especially when the profs happened to be good at their jobs. I would take my shiny new pencil case out, highlighter in hand, and underline to my heart's content!

Back to School / Uni Outfit | Part 1

Inspiration: What to Wear to School or Uni

Back to School/Uni Outfit Idea

Students everywhere are about to or have already gone back to their school or unis or colleges or classrooms in general! At this point, we can distinguish two types of students. Those who eagerly anticipate the start of the new academic year (who are these people?), and those who refuse to believe that summer’s ended and that there are four full months of classes before Christmas. Talk about a bummer!

Sartorially speaking, we can again distinguish between two types of students. There are also those who have already planned what they’ll be wearing every day of the new semester and those who have been procrastinating and now realise they haven’t bought a new pair of shoes. Even the former group, though, by the time the first month is over, they have fallen into that slump, where even deciding what you’re going to wear for the day seems like an effort.

Personally speaking, dressing up was at times the only thing that managed to get me up at the ungodly hour of 6 am to attend a class I had absolutely no interest in and in which the professor must have decided to run for the award of most dull and unimaginative speech.

So, I know the difference wearing a nice outfit at school and uni can make. I have put together some outfits from my current wardrobe to show you how they can work as back-to-school outfits. I’m sure, though that you can come up with much better outfits by yourself, using your creativity and imagination. No use for fancy and expensive new stuff! One of my biggest regrets is that I wasn’t expressing myself creatively during my school years. I could but I wouldn’t.

My advice it to have fun with your outfits, play around with them, personalise them, don’t fit in the crowd if you don’t want to or blend in if you do. Follow your school/uni’s rules or recommendations if you can.

This post is already making me nostalgic, so I think I’m going to stop now and offer you my interpretations of back to school or back to uni outfits.

How To Feel Better That Summer Is Over

Ways To Feel Better During Autumn
How To Feel Better During Autumn

With summer on its final legs and with most of us returning from our holidays to the daily grind, it's hard not to feel melancholic for the season that sets upon us. But that isn't something that should only make us sad and gloomy. We shouldn't give into our impulse to dread the dawn of the autumn season. We shouldn't spy on the trees to witness the first yellowed leaf falling as if that somehow signals something much greater than it does.

In fact, I'm an advocate of accepting that like every season; summer has an end and no matter how hard it might be to deal with this reality, there are indeed many coping mechanisms that I always put to good use whenever I'm feeling particularly down. (Usually, that's by the end of September: Autumn is ironically in full bloom, there's rain, and all the children are in school which only serves to remind me of awful Octobers' past. And also, the next summer is barely visible, clouded by the winter full of responsibilities and worries and cold that is to come.) But before I have to rename this post into Bleak Prospects 101, let me get on with a list of some things that might help you to cope with your summer withdrawals.

Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends I'm Loving

Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends I'm Loving

Ok, I hear you, the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Weeks have begun, and you're still preoccupied with the Autumn/Winter ones? And, I get your point, but right now, I'm doing the most I can to look more positively at the end of summer and the coming of colder months. And surely, anticipating and dreaming of all the new trends I'm going to try and incorporate in my wardrobe is the way to do that. And since in my leisure time, besides browsing Asos and Topshop, I am haunting the VogueRunway website, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite trends that have emerged from the fashion shows of this A/W season. Personally, this helps me in the process of shopping for the new season because, no matter what, I always end up buying something new. However, knowing this weakness of mine, I try to plan ahead as much as possible. I note the pieces I'd love to own; I save the looks that inspire me and make boards on Pinterest (fun fact: I used to create similar trend based boards on notebooks when I was still an Internet noob.) I try to think which of the trends I'm loving are going to work well with the rest of my wardrobe and which ones will not be able to be translated to me in any aesthetically pleasing way.

When that's done, I can wonder about the shops freely, and look for those items. Having placed restrictions on my shopping means I can save up to buy the item that's made my heart skip, and that'll probably be something I won't be able to wear enough. So without further ado, here are the trends that I'm loving right now and that I'll try my best to find ways of incorporating them into my current wardrobe!

Puffer Jackets

Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends-Puffer Jackets
Balenciaga, DKNY, Stella McCartney.

I hope it gets cold soon so I can get lost in the arms of a humongous puffer jacket. Wearing it falling off the shoulders is recommended, but the attitude is obligatory.

Travel | Chios: a Unique Greek Island

The Travel Post

Exploring the Greek Island Chios

Komi Beach

The holidays are over. Time to get back to reality, return to all things quotidian. Everything can look so bleak and bland after spending days or even weeks under the shade of the beach umbrellas, looking out to the crystal, glittery peplum of waters, whose lethargic swishing still echoes in my ears. I wonder how they have managed to overcome the violent transition to the sounds of honking, breaking and of rubber screeching on cement. But that's the circle of life (try not singing in your head, I dare ya), and though I'm sad to have left that almost alternate reality behind me, I'm also glad and eager to start fresh, put new ideas and inspirations to practice, take on new challenges and prove that holidays are essential for renewing our energy and drive.

As a last hoorah, now that September is upon us and all that it heralds, I thought I'd show you the place where I've been for the last couple of weeks. I love looking at travel guides and travel blogs, daydreaming of the places I might one day see with my own eyes. Greece is one of the places that everyone seems to travel to during the summertime. Santorini, Mykonos, Ios: you name it. A plethora of Greek islands has been the destination for many travellers myself included. Chios is an island that's not familiar to most people and which is why I loved it there, to be honest. It's a place still untouched by the mass tourism that manages to keep its authenticity well and alive. If you're interested in more laid-back kind of holidays, off the beaten path with lots to see, from historical landmarks to breathtaking landscapes, then I can't recommend visiting Chios enough.

August Favourites

August Favourites


Travelling in Greek island of Chios
For the most of August, I was lucky enough to spend it in Chios, a beautiful Greek island in the Northeast Aegean. Time there seemed to be flying by and at times I'd wonder if I was in some kind of an alternate reality.The beaches, the calmness, nature, everything was beautiful and perfect. To be honest with you, something I always anticipate during the summer holidays is a break from the Internet. As much as I love it, it can become too overwhelming and polyphonous, and it can also be very distracting. So, whenever I travel to places where the signal isn’t top notch, I know I’ll have to find new ways to fill up my free time. I’ll meet up with friends, sleep a bit more (hooray!), draw a little and get back in touch with my inner thoughts. If nothing else, the lack of internet can give you a push towards introspection. Most importantly, though, without the internet’s enticing charms I can find so much more time to spend reading, which I enjoy immensely but which I’m guilty of neglecting when everyday life starts taking over. I did read quite a lot in the end, which brings me to my next favourite:

5 Ways to Wear the Off-Shoulder Dress

This post might seem like it’s coming slightly too late, but I think now’s the perfect time to make the most of the off-shoulder dress we bought last season. (We can all admit to having fallen victims to that hype. But, what a beautiful hype that was: I for one do not regret buying into it in the form of this loose and light Zara dress.) Sure, autumn might be coming but for all intents and purposes it’s still summer, and I’m planning on taking advantage of that fact for as long as I possibly can. That means wearing shorts, sandals and yes, summer dresses until my limbs start turning white-blue. My number one motivation, though, is the simplest one there is: I just want to wear my off shoulder dress as much as possible. I got in July and regrettably, I haven’t worn it all that much yet. I’m sure some would consider that as a plus, but when I find an item I particularly love, I want to wear it as much as possible and wear it in as many ways as I can, anywhere that I can. Because even though I love it to bits, I couldn’t bring myself to wearing it the same way over and over again. And many times, I just couldn’t do it. When I had to dress more formally, I couldn’t show up wearing it by itself as a mini dress, and the shorts I had hidden underneath it were quite useless on that front. So I had to improvise, especially since it was one of the few items I’d brought with me on holiday that could be dressed up. So improvise I did and to my surprise and utter relief, this off-shoulder dress or tunic (it all depends on height. Height semantics?) is proving to be so much more versatile than I could have ever hoped it to be!

1. As a Top over Denim Shorts
How to wear the Off-shoulder dress: Top over Shorts How to wear the Off-shoulder dress: Top over Shorts

| Zara Dress | H&M denim shorts (old but similar here) | Birkenstock Sandals |

If you didn't buy an off-shoulder top, (are you sure you didn't? I thought everybody had!) fear not! The dress you've got can double up as one when you tuck it all in your shorts! Ta-da!! I'm telling you; this dress is magic and billowy and perfect.