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Back to School and Uni Wishlist

Back to School/Uni Shopping Wishlist
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It's the first September in my life that I haven't got any kind of classes to attend. I'm finished with school and uni, and though next year I'll be at it again, for now, I'm taking time off from being a student. At first, I thought it'd be great. Hell, grand even! But being a student was all I ever was: it was a label I could claim without reservations, though admittedly with some indignation. I never really enjoyed school but the learning process, I quite relished. Granted, not all the subjects were my cup of tea. I could never get my head around complicated maths -for which I blame my mental teacher- and that had a domino effect on other subjects. But, languages, literature and other "useless" subjects, I was actually excited for. Especially when the profs happened to be good at their jobs. I would take my shiny new pencil case out, highlighter in hand, and underline to my heart's content!

But you know what the best part of being a student was? Of course, you do. It was the back-to-school haul. Always and forever. From the brand new trolley backpack when I was 8, to the new cute notebooks and diaries that were always in my wishlist. I'd haul stationary like I wouldn't be able to shop any again. I still have an affinity for them: I guess it's the child in me that will never, ever die. I might not like being overly cute in my outfits, but when it comes to stationary, I couldn't care less.

It's not just stationary that I'd buy, though. I couldn't go back to school with the same clothes as last year, now could I? No, ew! The outfit would be pre-planned and bought several weeks before in an agonising anticipation of wearing it for the first time in the school yard. Getting older, those levels of excitement were declined as is only natural, but still, shopping -and damage- would be done. They would mostly be simple clothes that wouldn't offend and comfortable enough to get me through the day. Come late August, I'd start planning and thinking what I'd get: a dress would be impractical, but it could turn out to be useful on *enter fantasy occasion that would never happen*. To be honest, I was always quite sensible, though clothes have been bought, and clothes have been donated without so much as a little wear. I knew that jeans were my best bet, and simple tees would make the outfitting process much quicker, though never as fast as my sister's.

All in all, September marked the beginning of the new term, new things to be learnt, and of course, new clothes to be worn. So for all you, still sitting patiently on lecture rooms or tiny desks, I hope you enjoy shopping for the new term and I have to admit to being just a tad jelly. Here's to the new school year!

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