How To Feel Better That Summer Is Over

Ways To Feel Better During Autumn
How To Feel Better During Autumn

With summer on its final legs and with most of us returning from our holidays to the daily grind, it's hard not to feel melancholic for the season that sets upon us. But that isn't something that should only make us sad and gloomy. We shouldn't give into our impulse to dread the dawn of the autumn season. We shouldn't spy on the trees to witness the first yellowed leaf falling as if that somehow signals something much greater than it does.

In fact, I'm an advocate of accepting that like every season; summer has an end and no matter how hard it might be to deal with this reality, there are indeed many coping mechanisms that I always put to good use whenever I'm feeling particularly down. (Usually, that's by the end of September: Autumn is ironically in full bloom, there's rain, and all the children are in school which only serves to remind me of awful Octobers' past. And also, the next summer is barely visible, clouded by the winter full of responsibilities and worries and cold that is to come.) But before I have to rename this post into Bleak Prospects 101, let me get on with a list of some things that might help you to cope with your summer withdrawals.

  1. Autumn is pretty when you look at it objectively. The trees turn a brown that varies from fiery to sunny (that is if you're lucky, and they don't turn into a blunt ochre) and the atmosphere, and the atmosphere mellows down, almost casting a natural filter.

  2. The rain isn't that bad either. It renews the ground, and it brings forth that smell that's so earthy and refreshing. (That is if you live somewhere without too much pollution. Or smog. If you're near nature you're in luck basically.)

  3. This is the best time to become a list-a-holic! Plan everything ahead, make lists upon lists to give yourself a sense of purpose and contentment. Be productive and schedule your list making time. Autumn is the best period to be productive and efficient because the energy you've been saving up will start wearing off soon enough.

  4. I also like doing the things I've got on my lists as soon as possible because otherwise, I could lose my momentum.

  5. Make a shopping list. Read magazines as part of your "research" process. "No, I'm not procrastinating! I'm carefully planning my next shopping excursion," proclaim proudly to anyone who dares doubt you.
  6. Go shopping for all the new-season additions that you so desperately "need".

  7. While you're at it, buy something velvet too. There's a resurgence of it, and David Lynch references are everywhere right now. Autumn can't be that bad if it comes hand to hand with such beautiful fabrics.

  8. Get excited because Autumn means you get to wear all sorts of boots (and ruin them in the rain, too...)

  9. It's the season to start heading to the cinema more often. Any good films lately? Anyone...?

  10. PSL! If you enjoy sickly sweet beverages of dubious ingredients, then this will be your perfect pick-me-up! Lorelai gets it.

  11. Speaking of sugar, why don't you try baking something? Watching GBBO is motivation enough for me. (Or is it a motivation to eat more? I'm always fluctuating between the two...) Just try baking something simpler than a pesto filled plaited basket. An apple pie with lots of cinnamon is high on my "to-bake" list each autumn. As is a chocolate cake, every season.

  12. When Autumn comes and days get shorter, and the weather gets horrid, I try staying positive by thinking of all my favourite series that are about to start again! Now's the time to be the recluse I've always aspired to be: no one can tell me to go outside when -for lack of better manners- it's pissing down. Freedom!!

  13. Gilmore Girls is coming!

  14. No matter what you do, do not contemplate your commute.

  15. Start wearing more makeup again: the temperature is optimal for non-sliding-off foundation and mascara. Let's work that liner!

  16. Start learning a new language.

  17. Or try learning a new skill. The internet's full of online classes right now.

  18. Pretend you like Halloween so that you can have something festive to expect.

  19. Most importantly: Start counting down the days until Christmas!

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