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Falling in Love with Adore Me

Fall Flat-lay with a Warm Knit and a Cute Bralette

October is here and with it, fall can finally rule supreme. I love autumn. I don’t know if I’ve made that clear before. I probably have. What’s not to like, though? Everything turns colder and warmer at the same time. It brings with it, all that’s comfy, cosy, crispy, cinnamony. My favourite part is rearranging my wardrobe. Bringing out the knits and the scarves and hiding far back the slinky summer dresses. So long! You won’t be missed!

As the season progresses, you might start feeling a gloom, though. A sign that you might be preparing to hibernate under all those layers –which I love but they can be a bit stifling at times. You might forget what your body looks like under that big, soft hoodie you just bought and the other one you got from the man’s department two years ago. Now, I’m more than happy at times to walk around resembling a furry squirrel. But some days, it can all get a little too much. You might start reminiscing about the sunny summer days, and that’s a dangerous path to walk on. Before you go down that route, there’s something much more obvious to do that will make you feel like a human woman and not an obscure animal of the furry family.

Lingerie! The solution is so simple and straightforward that it’s ridiculous! There’s nothing better than wearing an adorable little lacy number under that woolly jumper. It instantly makes you feel more confident and awake. The ease with which we too often hide under our clothes can make us lethargic and bored (and dare I say it, sometimes boring, too). Wearing a beautiful set of lingerie can have an enormous impact on our outlook and confidence. Personally, it instantly makes me feel like I’ve made an effort, especially when I can’t be bothered to make an effort with my outfit –it happens. So whereas I can’t play around with my clothes too much during the fall, and I mean it will always be something bulky and warm and well, unsexy, I can change my undies to match my mood.

I love playing with colours too! Even if no one but me will see them, I love matching them to my outfit. It makes them part of the whole. Plus, you could try wearing them on top of your clothes- which is a major trend RN but I doubt we'll ever see it on the actual streets, worn by actual people. But hey, if you’re confident and gutsy enough by all means do! I'll be the first to cheer you on (and secretly jealous).

Adore Me Favourite Lingerie
1. Mala Bra and Leggings | 2. Henley Unlined Bra | 3. Kaydence Cami & Shorts Set|

And no, I didn’t wake up one day thinking about underwear more than I should. I was just simply browsing the interwebs when I came upon the “Adore Me” website. In case you haven’t discovered it yet, it’s a brand dedicated to underwear, sleepwear and a brand new ,activewear line! All for women and girls who understand the impact that underwear can have on their confidence and mood. My favourite part and what really sold me is that by becoming a VIP and paying a certain amount each month, you can have a set of personalised undies delivered to your door every single month! That’s brilliant if you ask me since actually trying on clothes and undies in bricks and mortar stores might as well be the bane of my existence. And to be completely honest with you, if someone doesn’t remind me, I will forget to buy any new bras. It’s easy to get excited when buying new clothes but we tend to forget how important it is to wear undies that suit us and express us as well. I also adore (pun intended) that they cater towards all women of all body types, because yes, everyone deserves the same amount of options!

Think of the options you could have! My mother will finally stop buying me bras each and every Christmas and finally get me something more appropriate. I particularly love this lacy lavender number. I can’t wait to wear it peeking through a loosely-knit fall jumper!

Bras and panties aside, I’m the biggest fan of everything sleepwear. A true homebody, my perfect evening involves warm blankets, hot chocolate, a good tv series, and comfy PJs. Especially in the fall, there’s nothing better than curling up in a corner with a good book, and I just wish I had more time to do that. I also wish it would start resembling autumn where I live because right now I’m looking out my window and the sun is more brilliant than ever. And it’s boiling too. But that’s another story. Back to my love of relaxing and sleepwear. I can’t tell you the bliss I feel when I come back home from my yoga class, take a bath and slip into a cute and relaxing set of PJs like this knit jogger set. It’s crucial to go to bed wearing something that relaxes you and lulls you into sleep after a long and hard day. We all have stress and worries, but it’s important that we find mechanisms to try and fence our bedtime from them. Well, taking a warm bath, washing off all my worries (and my face) and putting on my PJs that are reserved exclusively for bedtime is my way of doing that. Most times it works like a charm!

But I’ve been babbling on for too long and have probably sent you right into Morpheus arms. Wear your comfiest panties and the softest PJs, then, and in the morning wake up feeling invigorated with the help of your favourite new bra! And if you want to be inspired some more, head on to Adore Me’ s Pinterest page where they’ll be sharing the fall flat-lays that inspire them and offer us some lovely motivation to get us through the autumn months. And then the winter ones, too. I’ll probably need many bras to handle that.

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