Christmas Gift Guide | For Mum and For Dad

Happy Sunday guys! I hope you've had an amazing week. Today I'm coming to you with two more Christmas gift guides. Last one was all about bits and bobs with which you can fill your stockings, but this time, it's all about mums and dads!.

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide for Mums -
1. Dr. Hauschka Lavender Tranquil Kit| 2.this works Bedtime Story Set | 3.DKNY Printed velour pyjama set| 4. Marble Cheese Board| 5. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick | 6. Aromatherapy Associates My Treat | 7. Neom Christmas wish home collection | |8. Topshop Satin Top (similar) | 9. The Ladybird Book of the Mum | 10. S'well Stainless Water Bottle |11. Mango Semi-precious Earrings |12. Kikki.K Goals Journal | 13.Carrara Set of Four Espresso Cups & Saucers | 14. Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Set | 15. Copper Head Massager | 16. SKANDINAVISK Vinter Mini Candle Gift Set | 17. Travel Two Tier Jewellery Box |

I can't believe it's already the 20th of November. I find myself being very torn by this news because, on the one hand, it means that time of flying by and I have deadlines and other things I want to accomplish before the end of the year, but on the other hand, all I can think of is "Yay! Only one month left (almost) till it's Christmas!"

Suffice it to say, I'm in a real Christmassy mood. And watching Christmas themed Youtube videos doesn't help. Not to mention the fact that the surge of evenigwear and partywear has made it impossible not to think about what I'm going to wear to parties I haven't even been invited yet. I mean I will buy something fancy even if I just end up wearing it inside, in front of the telly, watching Elf for the gazillionth time. The whole city is dressing up so why not me too? Everywhere I turn there's fairy lights and glitter, sequins and velvet and the sweet cinnamony smell of mulled wine. Colour me impatient and excited.

It definitely is high time, then, to start my Christmas shopping, starting off with my parents, of course. But you know what? Sometimes, buying gifts for your parents can be bloody hard.

The perfect gift for your parents is as elusive as a properly lazy Sunday. However, I've felt like over the years I've accumulated some knowledge on parent-approved gifts. I know to steer away from too modern clothes for mum or too complicated gadgets for dad. I also start looking for their presents before anyone else's since I know they will take the most time to hunt down. This year is no exception. I've already started listing my gift ideas for them. When I'm happy with the alternatives I've compiled, I'll run them by my sister and together after much discussion, we will make the final decisions. Yes, we do take gifting seriously. Yes, I do have fun at the same time.

The Question to Ask: What do my parents love (besides you obviously!)

Mothers and Fathers are the best, and we all love them. But around Christmastime, I wish they would have given me some more clues about what they like and what they don't like. It's funny because we think we know them as well as they do us but then you're inside a big department store feeling clueless about which perfume your mum would prefer. "Wait a second...does she even wear perfume?" So you stick to the cliches and the stereotypical gifts that I hate to admit but actually work quite well. However, I'll always try to make them as personalised as I can. For example, I know my mum loves pharmacy skincare, so that's where I'll head to find a beautifully packaged gift set. Or I know my dad is a classical music aficionado, so I'll make sure that the album I'll get him is one that he doesn't already have and that it's not opera, because really who likes listening to shrieking voices when going to work at 7 am?

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide for Dads -
1. Mr Natty Beard Travel Kit | 2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Black Camera | 3. WAHL Grooming Gear Battery Travel Kit | 4. Mr Natty Sky Rocket Comb | 5. Topman Navy Geo Print Pyjama Set | 6. Edwin Men's United Beanie Hat | 7. Crosley Cruiser Black and Gold Vinyl Record Player | 8. Barbour Men's Holden Tartan Scarf | 9. Q-Bound Black Marble Notebook | 10. ASOS Slippers In Brown With Faux Shearling Lining | 11. Ted Baker Morris Moccasin Suede Slippers | 12. Suede Pencil Case In Khaki | 13. Brown Leather Textured Trifold Wallet | 14. ELEMIS The Perfect Gentlemen | 15. S'well 25-Oz Smoke Water Bottle | 16. Burgundy Rudolph Christmas Socks | 17. Toni & Guy Men Fibre Styling Gel |

"I could get mum something for baking, like the latest Bake Off book!
Oh, she'll love that, won't she? But wait she's on a diet.
Maybe a nice pair of earrings... but we got her one last year.
How about a scarf then?
Well, we can only afford the acrylic, ones, and I doubt they will sit well on her sensitive skin..."
You get the drill. And so, my sister and I carry on, trying to guess and decide what the best thing to get mum and dad is. I'll bet my money that we go down the "inoffensive blouse" option for mum and a selfie stick for dad. Please tell me, ours is not the only one who enjoys his phone camera a bit too much!

I honestly hope these two guides will be of some help and use to you, at least to inspire you for your Christmas shopping! I tried to include varied gifts both in kind and price. Let me know what you are thinking of getting your mum and dad!

Talk to you soon!

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