Daring Red

There is one garment I place above all during the autumn and winter season, and that is the almighty jumper. I am prone to loving any warm and fuzzy top I might find in a store. If they are warm, slightly oversized and fall nicely on the body, they tick all my boxes. My standards are never that high. I have only recently started keeping away from 100% acrylic jumpers. Knowing I will spend most of the winter months alternating between my jumpers, I want to make most of them.

I bought this red jumper last year from Zara, when one day, upon opening my wardrobe, I realised that I did not own any coloured jumpers. They were all neutral or navy. I realised I had missed wearing red. It used to be a colour that I loved wearing, and it always clashed quite beautifully with my hair. So after going through a phase where I had absolutely no colour on me, I knew I had to inject some by way of a vividly red coloured jumper.

Of course, the jeans were the only thing I could have worn underneath. I'm a huge fan of the good old red and blue combination. A simple jumper like that can be matched with pretty much anything. I would love to style it for example with a mini leather skirt I've got my eye on, with sheer tights and a pair of block-heeled ankle boots. Evening outfit sorted.

I want to talk a bit more about red, though. It's a colour unlike any other. It goes hand in hand with words of passion and turmoil and revolution and even love. It is unapologetic and loud, and it demands attention. No wonder then, that I have been avoiding it for so long. While I was thinking about how I have been consciously avoiding wearing such a rich colour, I happened to read Pandora Sykes' latest blog post. She claims to hate the "See No Evil" monkey emoji that we are all constantly using because, on the one hand, it comes to contrast the very fact that yes, we are sharing experiences, clothes, or whatever else we want, online. On the other hand, it perpetuates the idea that we as women should be bashful and never be seen bragging (the horror!)

So I've been thinking how true all that is and how I am guilty of doing it myself, if not by regularly using the emoji but by repeatedly putting myself in the position of the one who should apologise for having an opinion and daring to be seen even if that may be via a vivid red jumper. For us who have been shy and afraid to express their opinion most of their lives, it is extremely hard but also important to cut those strings that keep us in the comforting position of pretending we are really embarrassed about, everything we share or feel strongly towards, and hiding them behind self-effacing remarks or emojis.

I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to start with wearing what I like, in whatever colour that might be, and not worrying about daring to look confident in it. Hopefully, at some point, I will start sharing my opinions more and try being okay with them not always been shared or even right. That's why they're called opinions, not facts.

So yes I do love a red jumper and a lip to match it (granted I'm too scared of going full-on red on this one.) There will be some time, though, before you see me walking around in a red dress, unless you count burgundy as red. Baby steps.

What I'm Wearing

Zara Jumper (similar)
H&M Jeans (similar)
Vintage Chelsea Boots (similar)

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