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Happy Sunday!
So, the first week of November is coming to an end, and everyone around me is sick of me asking "how the hell did that happen?".The clocks have turned back; the dark is getting longer and the cold stronger. But that's not all bad! Because all these are slowly heralding the arrival of Christmas and I couldn't be more excited. It's always been my favourite holiday, and I'm eagerly awaiting it every year. Yes, I am one of those annoying people. But please tell me I'm not alone on that!

Still, there is a whole month (and three full weeks after that) until then, and we've got to make the best of it. I just hope I have it doesn't go right past me just like October did. Looking back at it, I realised that I'd discovered some new loves and rediscovered some old faves. Here, then, are my highlights of this past month:


  • My New H&M Jeans

    I just love these jeans so, so much! They are probably the number one autumn trend for jeans in 2016, and I'm fully on board! They're the perfect blue, the perfect fit and they actually look and feel like proper denim. Not the stretchiest ones out there, but if jeans were that too, then what would make joggers and leggings stand out? I just have to keep in mind not wearing them when my tummy is full on bloated. (Hello, stress!) Their high-low hemline provides just the right amount of deconstruction, which makes them stand out but not too much. Perfect for when you feel like your outfit's too boring. They instantly add that excitement, that being someone who veers away from too loud outfits, I need but in a more subtle way. 10 out of 10 from me!

  • My Men's H&M Funnel Collar Sweatshirt

    I swear this post is not paid by H&M. Nor have I become a trend slave and bought into each one. I happen to have this sweatshirt for two years now, and I think it might be the comfiest piece of clothing I own. Of course, it doesn't hurt me one bit that it's trending as of late. I'd initially bought it to endure the cold winter in Amsterdam, but it has since become a wardrobe staple. Whenever I want to feel cosy and comforted, and a blanket is not an option, this is what I grab. I usually just pair it with a pair of skinny jeans to balance out the proportions, but I've also worn it with straight jeans (hint: see above) and it's not swallowing me up they way I thought it would. Of course, I have to wear some sort of heel if I want to look a bit more put together (which I usually don't, because it defeats the purpose of the sweat?). Anywho, the struggles of being kind of petite are real. The hoodie trumps them all, though. I'd always rather wear it even if I do look like a drab.

  • My Khaki Jacket

    I've really got nothing much to say about this, other than it hasn't left my back since the beginning of October (I do wash it in between, naturally). I find that it's the perfect lightweight option for when the weather is neither here nor there, and you're either going to end up cold or hot. Again this style has been trending this autumn, fall which probably means that everything else I wore on my 12th year will be coming back, too. Ooh, can't wait! (#not)

T.V. & Series

  • The Great British Bake Off

    SPOILERS AHEAD. Okay, so, I've been wondering if I should include that because it seems so bloody obvious, but maybe someone out there has never heard of this show. Maybe they're outside the U.K. I don't know. This one for me is a constant favourite, to be honest, but October saw its penultimate conclusion (*insert ugly sobbing*) and I couldn't not include it. This year had it's ups and downs, but ultimately it was great fun. We're still not talking about Selasi leaving. However, I've always liked Candice, and I'm happy she won. Plus, she seriously needs to start teaching courses about keeping your cool under stressful situations. I honestly can't recall a moment when I saw her not being composed and on top of things. Candice, teach me your ways! As for the actual baking, we saw loads of marzipan, sponges and temperamental chocolate among other things, which made me want to get to the kitchen more often. I've always loved baking, and that love has officially been rekindled. Who knows, I might pop in here a cheeky little recipe if that would be something you're interested in.

  • Daredevil

    I wanted to check out this series for so long, but I could never find the time, and now that I did, I'm so happy about it. It's probably my favourite superhero series so far, which is saying something because I'm kind of a fantasy/sci-fi/superhero nerd. It's dark and clever but not too dark and not too clever, which is something I value in a superhero franchise. The storyline is interesting but more importantly, the characters are brilliant: well-developed and interesting. My favourite's got to be Ben, though, the investigative reporter who will do anything to keep his journalism moral and find out the truth. Totally recommend!


  • Eyeliner

    as you might have gathered, I'm not a big make-up wearer. Granted, I do wear some bb cream, concealer and all that jazz but I'm not too adventurous when it comes to trying out new things or going bolder. I have, on occasions worn statement lips but on a day to day basis I keep things very minimal. This month, however, I've started wearing eyeliner again, and I love it. Maybe it's because of the weather, but something makes me want to try a bit more. I love a good flick that elongates the eye, and I try to remind myself that now is the best time to play around with makeup and be able to create straight lines. So my plan is to take advantage of my wrinkle-free face for as long as I can. Right now, I'm using the L'oreal Super liner and it works fine. Do let me know though if you've got any other recommendations! I'm always in search for the perfect pen!

And, I think that's it! Not too much was happening this month, hence why the spareness of my favourites. I do hope that you enjoyed hearing about them anyway and I hope you'd share some of your favourites with me as well. Not that I'm nosy, or anything....
xx, Mary


  1. Those jeans are sooo perfect! Do you have a link for them, or know the name? They are exactly what I've been desperately looking for haha. Also love your jacket xx


    1. I know they are amazing! I've been wearing them non-stop. They're from H&M and they're called Straight High Jeans.
      Here's the link http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0437428001.html (it's from the U.K. site, I hope it works for you!)

      xx Mary

    2. Oh perfect, yes it works, thank you so much! X

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