Faves from the Sales

Best Deals from the Black Friday/Weekend Sales

Black Friday Sales

I never understood the hype surrounding the Black Friday sales. It was always a bit too much for me. But this year, it seems like there are so many good ones out there, and especially online where you don't have to bump into others every second trying to find that jacket you had your eye on, so I thought I should not let them go to waste. So I scoured the web and found some great pieces that are on sale right now. I hope you like some of them!

Winter is Coming : Coats and Jackets to Wrap Yourself in

Topshop Wardrobe

Asos My Love

That's it for now! Rest assured, I am probably going to spend a good amount of my weekend trying to decide what to buy. I already know that by the time I decide it will be sold out and I will be crying my eyes out. Raise you hand if you've got a similar problem. I say we create a club "Indecisives\Perfectionists Anonymous". Who's with me? Anywho, I really would love to know what your favourite item from the sales are, even if it wasn't on my lists. Please share below! There's nothing I love more than being enabled to buy things ;)

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