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How to Dress Down a Leopard Print Coat

I don't consider myself a maximalist. The majority of times I tend to avoid wearing anything too loud, be that a print or a statement shoe. I tend to stick to neutral or primary colours. I don't mix many colours together, and though I do love a good colour combination, it's been quite some time since I had dared wear one myself. If I am to wear colour or print, it will usually be on top of something neutral or black. That was my thinking when I bought this leopard coat last year.

I saw it on Mango, and I instantly fell in love. I really could not tell you when my infatuation with the feral print started. All I know is that I went from hate to love at some point and I am happy to report we are still in our honeymoon phase. For the most part, once I had it I stuck to my predicted styling. There's just something completely rock & roll about wearing a pair of skinny black jeans and a black or even a band tee with a leopard coat on top. Kate Moss is probably the queen of the look, but it looks good and chic on anyone I have ever seen working this kind of outfit.


This time around though I felt like wearing something, well, something kookier. Mostly I just wanted to rock my Disney Christmas sweatshirt because it's Christmas and if I don't wear it now, when will I? And since the holiday season is all about letting your inner child shine through, why not let the kid inside all of us make our sartorial decisions for once, too? So whereas I might have worn my black jeans underneath in a last effort not to overdo it, I wore my blue panelled and frayed jeans instead. There is just something that I find very attractive in the way the bright blue compliments a leopard print. It almost lifts it up and takes away all the connotations of an old lady of good society smelling strongly of powder and lipstick.

And so I carried on, mesmerised by the fairy lights and cheer of the season. No, I did not wear a bootie with a sensible heel to at least add some height to a mostly oversized outfit. No. I wore my comfiest shoes, AKA trainers by way of Reebok Classics. And since I know my socks are always on display whenever I wear ankle-length jeans with trainers, I thought to myself "Well, let's go all out and wear a pair of nutty socks, it's only Christmas after all!" So there I was on a bright Sunday morning, in the brightest and most colourful part of the city, blending perfectly well with my environment.

It's truly spectacular how an outfit can make us feel like kids again. I would never have thought what kind of empowerment a funky outfit can offer. Because once you have committed to it, you have to commit to everything else that comes with it too. And that's confidence and a sense of openness I wouldn't otherwise have. So here I am, a maximalist for a day and not just in sartorial terms. I honestly feel that by wearing something that is not quiet but that dares to speak out, loud and clear, I too, was more expressive, more open to everything going on around me, more ready to absorb the joy that had charged the atmosphere.

So my advice is to try to wear something different, something more boisterous, and see what the results are. I, for one, plan to try getting out of my comfort zone of a minimalistic approach, more often.

How do you feel about wearing a more exuberant outfit than usual? Particularly if you're someone who is not used to wearing attention-grabbing outfits like me. Do you feel more confident and open or am I reading a bit too much into this? I would love to hear your thoughts!

That's all from me then. I'm really sorry it's been so long since my last post. I usually try to post two to three times a week, but it's been a hard couple of weeks, and I did not want to post anything just for posting's sake. I try to push myself to create interesting content as often as possible, but whenever I feel like I have nothing of value to offer I prefer to wait until something more inspiring comes up. However, since my sister (who takes the photos) is very busy, I can't post too many outfit posts. I've been thinking that I would like to do some more "thought pieces". What do you say? Would you fancy hearing my thoughts on matters of all sorts? I have to admit that it is something far scarier than sharing an outfit for me, but I feel like I have to try and get out of that comfort zone as well.

I'll stop rambling on now. Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts!

I'm wearing: Mango Leopard Coat (similar), Disney Sweatshirt from Asos(old) (similar here or here), H&M Panelled Straight Jeans, White Reebok Classics Trainers

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