Last Minute Gift Guide

Last Minute Christmas Gift guide
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Today's the 21st of December, and that means only one thing. Christmas is in four days! Say what?! When did that happen? I have no clue. Preparations are underway, biscuits have been baked, crackers have been bought, the Christmas day menu has been planned. But. There's a big but here. My Christmas present buying has not been on point. I had no time to go out and search for the perfect gifts and to be frank; I'm such a perfectionist and worrier that every time I think that something would make a nice gift for someone, I immediately think that there must be something else even better out there.

Perfectionism is one thing we've got to delete from our gift buying (and any other) vernacular. It's hard to do, trust me I know, but this is why we're always ending up looking for a gift just two days before Christmas. And let's not forget that we might end up buying a "worse" gift than the one we had originally planned. Let's not fret too much, though! There's always some time to be found until Christmas day to grab something for our loved ones. Whether that's popping in a Boots or a Sephora on your way home, or taking a detour to your favourite bookshop, or even stopping by a newsstand, there's no chance you won't find an amazing last-minute gift.

So without any further ado because the clock is counting down here are my suggestions for the last-minute presents.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
  • A beauty related product.

    Almost all women wear some form of makeup. A beauty gift can be pretty much anything. It certainly doesn't have to be a Christmas limited edition. If you love something why not gift it to someone who might enjoy it as well? Has your friend complimented your perfume? Why not get it for her? Or maybe she's been going on and on about that Too Faced palette. You could even find the perfect MAC lipstick for her. Show her picture to the MAC makeup artist and see what she or he recommends. Match it with a lip pencil and put them together in a neat little box. Maybe add some chocolates too, and you've got yourself a great and thoughtful gift in no time. Personally, I think luxury makeup items make great gifts, especially for those of us who don't tend to buy them for ourselves. On the same vain, a luxurious candle would be a glorious treat, especially for this time of year. Head to Jo Malone or Diptyque for the most sumptuous of candles but I'm sure you can find others just as beautifully smelling and packaged candles. I usually love checking out what independent shops and boutiques are carrying because they have usually got such a unique and curated range of products, that I am sure I will be able to find an original gift.
  • Books!

    Come on; this one is obvious. I'm sure that we can all find some time to go to our favourite bookshop where we can find fantastic presents for everyone. I've talked extensively about book buying before so I won't go into much detail here. But even if you don't think someone on your list will enjoy a book, most bookshops have other little gifts as well and not just book related. There are mugs and desk accessories and lots of other knick knacks which brings me nicely to my next point.
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Stationery and Office Accessories.

    Most of us have things we need to write down, so I think a beautiful notebook is always a brilliant present. And let's not forget that 2017 is coming, and we will all be needing a journal to keep ourselves on top of things. The best thing about getting someone stationery as a present is that you can customise your gift however you please. You can mix and match pens, pencils, small notebooks and even stickers. Really, the sky is the limit here. Buy some Christmassy wrapping paper, and you're all set. And of course, don't forget the Christmas card!
  • Magazines.

    I haven't thought of this idea until I passed by a newsstand that stocks a number of beautiful, unique magazines which got me thinking that there's a magazine out there for every single taste. There are smart and beautiful magazines like the Gentlewoman. I would also consider Frankie magazine and Lula for younger girls. It all depends on what the person you're buying it for likes. There are literary magazines that feature new poetry, there are small but efficient zines, and since I could go on forever, I'll leave my recommendations here and urge you to head to your nearest newsstand to browse all the magazine titles for yourself and see if you can find a wonderful present. And if you really want to treat someone, just buy them a year's subscription to their favourite read. I'm sure they'll be ecstatic.
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
  • D.I.Y.

    No, don't run off! I swear what I'm suggesting is a breeze to make! The best D.I.Y. gift you can give someone, in my opinion, is to bake them something. Think of it as a made from scratch Christmas hamper. Bake a few Christmas biscuits, maybe some mince pies, oh and some chocolate truffles of course! One of my friends once made me a hot chocolate mix on a spoon, paired with a pack of marshmallows and mini Baileys. To this day, I cherish the handmade quality of that present as I'm sure most would. This year I've made a bunch of gingerbread men which will make for incredible gifts. Just place them inside a small organza pouch with some confectionery and whatever else you fancy. Put on a gold bow, and you've got yourself a very festive presie if I do say so myself.
  • Another easy D.I.Y gift is to paint an old glass bottle or an old jar, mug or whatever else you have around. Every hobby and crafts store has paints for drawing on glass and other materials. Buy a few colours and enjoy yourself. I'm sure this will be a present for both the recipient and the sender! If it fits, you can also place inside a small plant or a small cactus. This is a very thoughtful little gift, especially for those who love adding greenery in their spaces and it's also quite cheap and quick to assemble. You can even skip the DIY part if so you wish and just find a nice pot in a flea market or a garage sale.

These are my last minute gift ideas! Please share if you've got more. They would be really appreciated! I'm signing off now to run outside for some last minute shopping. Wish me luck!

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