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How to Layer in Winter and stop Freezing

Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket
Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket
Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket

As a child, I would always hope for a white Christmas. I was persuaded by Elvis’ deep and velvety voice that all that was missing from a perfect Christmas day was a winter wonderland. Alas, after waiting for years and years, I gave up hope. The flurries would never arrive on time; but always later, in February or even March if they ever did grace us with their appearance. I held no grudges of course. Like Father Christmas, I stopped believing in a White Christmas a long time ago. It remained a feature solely saved for Christmas films and Dickens’ novels. And so by staying in the realm of the improbable and the fantastical it never lost its charm.

So these days when the temperatures dropped, and my hands nearly fell off, I was cautious in hoping it might snow. And although Christmas is well over by now, it’s still peak winter and the cheer and New Year motivation is almost tangible in the frosty air. I’m not complaining; it’s the closest to a White Christmas so far. In fact, last night when I saw that within an hour the trees and cars were covered with white blankets and the roads had started resembling snow pistes, all I wanted to do was jump up and down (which I did) and run outside to play as if not a day has passed since the last time everything was covered in snow, almost ten years ago now.

As much as I would have loved running off in the snowy park, though, the warmth of the home was too cosy and the atmosphere too hygge to do that. So I stayed inside, put on an episode of Vikings, covered myself in a fleece blanket and stayed toasty. I mean all that was missing was a fleet of candles, and I would feel positively Scandinavian. (Ok maybe I’d be blonde, too). In any case, it’s not always easy popping out in adverse weather conditions. Many of us can’t handle these low temperatures all that well. I honestly wish my body could endure them and I can’t count how many times I’ve been jealous of other people and bloggers who can walk around in the dead of winter with just a pair of socks and sandals. It’s scandalous!

Every winter I risk becoming an ice cube and my fingers ice lollies. Sure, that might be a grim image to paint, but many of us suffer during the cold months. As much as we’d love to be fashionable and go out in a pair of heeled black booties, that would be too much of a risk for our poor toes. Hence, I will always place warmth and comfort above fashion during the cold months. The good news is that for the last few seasons these two things have begun reconciling. I don’t know who to thank first. Balenciaga and Demna for the resurgence of the puffer jacket. Mark Jacobs for the oversized coats and the fur. Prada for the woolly tights and the heavy-duty boots. I do owe them a lot. If it was not for Demna, I could never have worn this huge H&M men’s puffer jacket without feeling like a complete loser. We all remember how well these were received in high school. Similarly, I would never have dared wear snow boots in the proximity of anyone who is not my family who have learnt to keep their tongues shut when I’m wearing unflattering things. But now I can wear them as I would any other pair.

Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket
Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket
Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket
Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket
Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket

To be frank, I usually make sure to pair them with something form-fitting on top. In most cases, I wear them with my warm fleece tights. However, I could not risk that look on this occasion. Verdict: unflattering look, but so be it. Most would compromise either their straight jeans or their humongous boots. I remained uncompromised and risked appearing like Joey with all his clothes on. I was trying to make a point, though, and that was more important than appearing tall and lean. So what am I getting at, I hear you ask. It’s quite simple. If you’re freezing, just wear whatever you’ve got to wear to keep yourself warm. You can still play around with your look. Layer and layer some more until you like how your outfit looks. Sure, you might be looking like a fur ball at this point, but I say that’s a pretty good look to aspire to in the wintertime.

I haven’t addressed the dress (no pun intended) yet which is a huge oversight. On top of everything else, I went ahead and threw on a floral number from Urban Outfitters to make the outfit a tad more interesting than your normal hoodie and jeans combo. Sure, the outcome might be as wacky as it gets but I was happy and wacky which is much better than just wacky.

On the other hand, if you can cope with cold much better than I, then you could wear a nice high-heeled ankle bootie. Or you could skip the jeans and wear tights instead. If you could keep your legs bare, I am afraid you’ve left from Westworld and I will have to notify someone. The puffer is fashion now, and I’m keeping it on, no matter what. I suggest you also take advantage of it and place warmth before vanity, at least if you’re like me and your hands and feet go numb and white when it’s cold.

So, let’s all keep as toasty as we can. Fashion is finally on our side!

Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket
Winter Layering and the Puffer Jacket

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