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The Block Heel Ankle Boots

Zara Jumper (similar) | H&M Jeans (similar) | Zara Boots (similar)

Hello, strangers! I’m back. I’m really sorry for being inactive, but I had lots of things on my plate, or rather my brain, and unfortunately, they took a toll on my creative endeavours. The weather has also been crueller than usual, and it made things harder. Don’t get me wrong; I love winter and the cold. I am a December baby after all. This winter is one of the longest I can remember and seeing as my fingers and toes turn into icicles the minute the temperature drops under 15 degrees Celcius, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic. But that’s enough of that. I don’t like making excuses. I just want to thank everyone who stuck with me through my absence. It’s more appreciated than you can imagine.

Now, to the outfit. I wore this on a day that was quite mild. I didn’t even have to wear a jacket! I simply put on what must be the biggest jumper there is but it’s nice and warm, and I love the colour. I usually make sure to pair it with skinny jeans underneath, but I’m too in love with this pair of straight jeans that would happily sacrifice wearing something more flattering for it.

Thankfully I had just purchased this pair of kick-ass, faux hiker boots from the sales at Zara. I never understood why this style of boot is called hiker. Is it because they’ve got laces? It’s honestly ludicrous to call them that, but I like that it gives me a sporty air which I absolutely do not deserve, so I’m keeping the name. What they lack in traction and outdoors wearing sensibilities, they make up in height. They’ve got a blocky heel that makes walking on them a piece of cake. At least as far as heeled boots go.

Not being an everyday heel wearer I always find it surprising how even a sensible heel like that can give you a boost of confidence. Especially when only a few inches are separating you from the petite range. The added height makes me sit up straighter and walk purposefully instead of my usual plodding with my shoulders buried somewhere in my back. Suffice it to say, I’m a convert. As long as they’re quite comfy, I’ll be looking to add more to my collection. At some point, my shoe wardrobe will consist of just ankle booties and trainers, and I am a-okay with that.

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