How To Cheer Yourself Up

There are some days that are just meh. And we all have them. Hopefully not on a regular basis but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that they come and go every so often. When I’m lucky enough not to have a lot of things to do on that day, I will usually allow myself to be taken over the feelings of apathy and annoyance and just let it be. I will watch some of my fave series, eat some ice-cream, sulk at anyone who dares to try cheering me up.

Usually, though, I hate feeling like that, especially since it doesn’t let me do anything productive, thus creating a vicious circle of feeling sorry for yourself. So, whenever I don’t want to go down that road, I will try to implement some tricks I’ve accumulated over the years to help me get over those sad feelings. Here are a few things that might help cheer you up, if you’re currently finding yourself in that awful place

  • Listen to your favourite uplifting songs. Or find a ready-made playlist and discover some great new tunes.
  • Go for a walk in the fresh air. (Polluted air will do, too. Not the same results, but just get out of the house!)
  • Take some time for yourself, whether that is taking care of your skin or taking a long, luxuriating bath.
  • Watch your favourite film (that doesn’t make you sad. Unless you feel that will actually help you. Then, by all means, watch the saddest movie you own and cry your heart out.)
  • Go out for a few drinks with your friends.
  • But do try to not drink too much, or next day’s hangover will negate all the efforts you had put on cheering yourself up the previous day.
  • Wear your favourite (dancing) shoes that make you feel like a million dollars. Wear everything that makes you feel amazing.
  • If you can’t go out, then just call your friends and chat for a bit.
  • Try not to binge-eat that ice-cream pint. It will ultimately make you feel much worse.
  • All images were found on Pinterest. Sources include The Reformation, Wonderland Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine and Stoned Immaculate Clothing

  • Paint your nails.
  • Put on some red lipstick even if you’re just going to the post-office.
  • Blast some music and dance around in your house like nobody’s watching.
  • Exercise. Do some yoga from the comfort of your home.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Catch up with your favourite bloggers.
  • Leave nice comments.
  • Read a book.
  • Buy something you have been lusting over but have been putting off. Within reason, of course.
  • Unleash your creativity! Write, draw, do some DIY, make your own jewellery.
  • Offer kind words to anyone you meet. Brightening up someone else’s day works a treat on my mood.
  • Try learning a new language. Hej!

How about you, though? Do any of these tricks work for you as well? Have you got any mechanisms to help you cope on those days where you feel down in the dumps? If so, do share them! I’d love to add some more to my repertoire, and I’m sure others would, too.

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