Yellow Top, Sunny Disposition

Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene
Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene
Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene
Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene

Yellow is many things. The colour of the sun, the colour of Laa-Laa from The Teletubbies, the trendiest colour of the season - millennial pink excluded. What it most certainly is though, is the colour I never thought I’d wear.

I’ve always admired yellow-coloured clothing from a safe distance. I assumed as I’m sure many others do that it mostly works on people with deeper skin tones or people with the fairest of fair skins. That is not to say I hadn’t given it a go in the past. I’ve tried on many yellow items in my day, and in most cases, the results were pretty appalling. A yellow jumper could make me look drained and sick like not even a bad hangover can. So I stayed away. If I wanted to do colour, I’d stick with my pale blues and pinks and the reds that I knew flattered me.

This season, however, it would be a crime not to try on something yellow again. With so much choice on the high-street, I had no excuse. Somewhere, out there, was a yellow waiting for me to discover it. Never in a million years, did I expect to give into something so bright. Let me elaborate. My mother, being an artist, has a keen eye for colour. My sister and I, from a young age, learnt to separate between emerald and turquoise, burgundy and maroon. So when it comes to dressing, I have an instinct for which colours suit me and which don’t. My mum has always been a firm believer that I suit anything pastel. And she’s right. Compared to other brighter hues, the pastels are my go-to when I need to inject some colour into my wardrobe. Thus, I assumed that a pale yellow would be the one, if any, to suit me.

Imagine my surprise then when I picked up this blouse from my local Pull & Bear, lifted it up to my face expecting all the colour to abandon my face, only to find out that my face looked as bright as it did just a minute ago. Let’s just say I was ecstatic. I could wear bright yellow, finally!

Yellow is such a gorgeous colour, and it can work with virtually any other. I love wearing my new top with jeans (shocking, I know). On that overcast morning, I paired it with my black mum jeans, but I’ve loved wearing it with both my blue and white jeans as well.

I kept the rest of my outfit simple to let the shirt do all the talking. A braver person would have worked some more colours in there, but honestly, now that I can wear yellow, I’m willing to let it take centre stage.

Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene
Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene

At this point, I’d like to share something that I feel is very important. From my perspective at least, I love it when people share something a bit more than what they’re wearing. It helps me connect with them on a different level.

It’s so easy to assume that someone has their shit together, knows what they’re doing and constantly has a sunny disposition. I know there have been many times when I’ve felt that was the case for people I only know through their online personalities. The truth is that we don’t get to witness a significant chunk of their lives and I could never blame them for that. Believe it or not, I’m a very private person and hate sharing more than I have to. And this was one of the reasons I pushed myself to create this blog.

Whenever I do share something, though, I make sure to show off my best version. No one wants to see me when I’m hyperventilating from stress. But there are days when I feel awful and sad for no reason, just like everybody else does at one point or another. On that day, for example, I wasn’t feeling my best. I tried to make the most of it though. I don’t have that much free time for taking blog photos, and thankfully I’ve gotten much better at looking cheerful on camera.

Of course, next day I was back to normal. The point is, we all have the right to feel unhappy from time to time and even to show and share it if that’s what we want. At least with the people that we feel closest too. Sometimes I feel that living in this “sharing everything on social media age” we’ve lost contact with what human experience is and that it’s crucial to feel the whole range of human emotions.

So, next time you feel down in the dumps, remember that it’s ok, that you’re allowed to have one of those days and that the glorious sun will shine on you again.I hope you’re having one of the good days. And if not...well, there are many yellow tops out there to brighten up your day!

Do tell me in the comments if you’re as afraid of yellow as I am. Have you dipped into the trend yet? Or are you sticking with millennial pink?

xx Mary

Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene
Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene
Yellow Top | The Blushful Hippocrene

Yellow Top : Pull & Bear
Black Jeans : Pull & Bear
Round Mirror Sunglasses : Ray-Ban
Trainers : Converse
Faux Croc Leather Backpack : Urban Outfitters

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