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Happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve all had a great week. Mine has been pretty uneventful. Unfortunately, I lacked in motivation and energy, which in turn took a toll on my mood. I must try to remember how letting yourself go stale can create a vicious cycle. It wasn’t all a fail, though. There are so many little, everyday things that can bring me joy, from watching a vlog to buying a new pair of shoes, and when you add them up, you realise that your week (or weeks, even) weren’t that bad after all. So, in case you’re looking for something new to watch, to buy or to give you some inspiration, here are a few of the youtube channels things I’ve been obsessed with these past few weeks:

I love watching Youtube videos whenever I have the time. And I really like all kinds of content creators, though, what I’ll watch each day depends on my mood and the length of my attention span. Nothing relaxes me quite as well as a good makeup tutorial. There’s just something so calming about watching people gently apply their foundation while talking to a camera. But it’s not just makeup I tend to watch in my breaks; I love watching vlogs of people sharing snippets of their everyday lives. A part of me will always cringe a little thinking how Big-brothery it all seems to be, but I can’t help enjoying it nonetheless. I am a millennial after all, and this is the sharing age. Heck, I’ve even got a blog myself! Lately, I’ve been really into watching Youtubers from California. They give me all the summer vibes I need, and right now I love the easy, breezy vibes they project.

Youtube Recommendations | Fashion, Style, Beauty, Lifestyle | California

La Madellyn | chrissstttiiine | That’s Chic

For example, there’s La Madellyn who produces the most amazing videos. I love her aesthetics and her passion for sustainable fashion. She’s also vegan, and most products she uses are also vegan, so she’s a great source for anyone looking to find more cruelty-free makeup and skincare. It would be a huge oversight, though, not to mention how much I enjoy her vlogs. All her videos are exquisitely edited, and they brim with originality. Her vlogs are not an exception. It seems like she can turn even the most mundane of situations into visually pleasing videos and for that, she deserves all the recognition.

Another Californian girl I’ve been loving watching as of late, is chrissstttiiine. Again, another girl whose aesthetics I love. Her videos are slow and calming but never dull. It’s all about keeping things simple and real. She delves into many subjects, from decorating to beauty and creating a sustainable wardrobe. This mixing of all kinds of lifestyle videos is something I personally enjoy a lot. I love the series of interviews she does with her friends; they’re natural and confessional without being evasive at all. Definitely, one to watch if you feel like taking a step towards a more minimal life.

On a similar page, there’s Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic. First of all, she’s just the coolest. Everything she does seems to be so effortless, from her makeup to her style, to even her videos. One of her most popular videos is her “10 Step Korean Skincare” which is all sorts of brilliant if you’re even just a tiny bit curious about Korean skincare. However, I equally love her style videos. During the summer I tend to gravitate for inspiration towards Californian girls, with their easy denim skirts and linen tops. The weather in Athens come May gets insufferably hot so as much as I’d want to, I can no longer dress as if I live in London. Instead, I pretend I’m in L.A. and Rachel definitely helps me in that department. I will just say, that to me, she’s kind of like the Alexa Chung of L.A and if that’s not enough to hook you, then I don’t know what is.

Coming on my side of the pond, I could never forego all the U.K. girls whose style has always inspired me. My first style crushes were from there, and so, my first fashion endeavours have been inspired by that buzzing, creative and oh-so-personal style that all fashionable U.K. ladies seem to have.

Youtube Recommendations | Fashion, Style, Beauty, Lifestyle | U.K.

What Olivia Did | Pages by Megan | Shot from the Street |

First up, we’ve got the lovely Olivia Purvis from the famous What Olivia Did. I won’t talk about her blog because I’m pretty sure you all know it well. Her Youtube channel though is equally as fantastic, and it lets her beautiful personality and smarts show even more- if that’s possible. I love how she creates different and original kinds of content, and she’s always trying new things. You can clearly see her love for what she’s doing and the effort that goes into everything she creates. Lately, she’s been trying to make her fashion choices more sustainable. I loved watching her video on creating a conscious wardrobe. However, her standout videos for me, are the ones where she interviews other great ladies and gives us a glimpse into their wardrobes. It’s not something that anyone would dare do, and I think she does it exceptionally well.

Another girl whose videos I love watching is Megan Ellaby. I mean her style is astonishing. You have to follow her on Instagram for yourself because I really couldn’t do it any justice describing it here. Her blog, just like Liv’s, I’ve been following for years, and so I was extremely happy when I saw her expanding on Youtube. The girl knows her fashion vocabulary like no one else; she can describe a shirt with extraordinary detail and exactness. She clearly knows what she’s talking about; you can sense her professionalism and pure passion for fashion(sorry, not sorry) But it’s not only her styling videos (which are phenomenal, btw) that I love. I also adore her vlogs. They make me feel motivated to work and always manage to put a smile on my face whenever I watch them. She has a brilliant energy that just radiates through the screen. And let me not get started on her music tastes because the gushing won’t stop and it will get embarrassing very soon.

Last but not at all least, we’ve got another Mancunian. It’s none other than the brilliant Lizzy Hadfield of Shot from the Street with her more minimal and androgynous style, which I find absolutely inspiring. Again, her Instagram speaks for itself. I do believe, however, that she does fantastic things on that Youtube thing. Her “Testing Basics” series is such an innovative idea, and even just for that, she deserves every bit of success. She has an incredible work ethic, and it’s obvious that she genuinely respects her audience. The research she does before recommending something is beyond me. Not that she’s all work and no play. Her vlogs are fun and welcoming, and her authenticity manages to shine through them. Being someone who is really close to my mum, I love the relationship she has with hers. I enjoy watching parts of her everyday life in Manchester, working and interacting with friends and family. Because of the last two ladies, I have grown quite fond of Manchester, and it's become one of the cities I'm most desperate to visit.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the Youtubers I love watching right now and that it has maybe given you some more to add to your repertoire. Please tell me others whose content you think I might enjoy. I'm all for discovering new, hidden gems!

xx Mary

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