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 summer travelling outfit-simple-minimal-casual-fashion-style-denim shorts-cami top-birkenstocks
 summer travelling outfit-simple-minimal-casual-fashion-style-denim shorts-cami top-birkenstocks
 summer travelling outfit-simple-minimal-casual-fashion-style-denim shorts-cami top-birkenstocks

Last month, my sister and I took a little trip to Greece's second biggest city, Thessaloniki, to see our friend who lives there. Over the years we have grown really attached to the city. Perhaps it's because we're fortunate enough to be staying in right in the centre, where all the hustle and bustle is. However, that's not the only reason we love this city so much. Mainly, we have made so many memories there and it's the only place where we got to get a glimpse of what it would be like to be a student away from home, with no prying eyes and worried looks. It's also where all the gang could gather and spend a few days together, watching movies and tv series until 3 o'clock in the morning, cooking together, trying to find the best gelato in town, playing drinking games. Suffice it to say, whenever we decide to travel there, our main goal is to try to see our friends as much as possible, eat as many local delicacies as possible and just let our hair down and have fun.

There's a fine balance between packing light and carrying your whole wardrobe with you on a five-day trip. Anyway, my summer wardrobe is already minimal as is. But each time I need to travel somewhere with just your standard carry-on, I get just a little panicky about whether I'm going to be able to fit enough outfits. Thankfully I've always managed to do quite well on that front. Of course, I always end up packing more things than I end up wearing, but I prefer it that way. If it doesn't cause my carry-on to overflow, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I always start my packing list- because I have to make a list beforehand - with the bottoms I want to take with me. They're always fewer than the tops (hello, sweaty armpits) and since I'm mostly a jeans kind of girl, I know they will go well with almost all of my tops. Then it's dresses decision time which is a bit harder. This year I don't have that many. I would love to have bought a Realisation Par or Reformation dress but at this point in my life, I preferred to put this purchase on hold and save some money. I will be moving in September in London and we all know how expensive that can be. For this summer then, I will stick to my old dresses that I still love wearing. This is why I love buying timeless pieces that I can wear each summer without looking like I got caught up in the latest trends a tad too late. A simple striped off-the-shoulder dress will always look great against any Greek island. So will a white linen strappy one and a plain black maxi dress with a scooped back. When it comes to dresses the only tricky part is deciding whether or not you're actually going to wear them on your trip.

For this trip to Thessaloniki for example, I decided to forego all of my dresses. I knew we would be mostly wandering around in the city, sitting inside the house and going out for casual drinks. None of my dresses would fit that lifestyle. I decided to play it cool and French and go for drinks with my black straight jeans and a simple cami like the one I'm wearing here. It's amazing how you can take an outfit from day to night with just the addition of a red lip. But yes, most mornings consisted of a variation of this outfit. A simple top and a pair of jeans or my favourite denim skirt. Trust me, if you want a curated summer wardrobe just grab some denim and a few tops. You don't really need much else. And if you're feeling like adding something a bit more out there just bring with you a printed top or shirt. Case in point, last week's outfit. I knew I wanted to have something more with me than just white tops and light-blue denim. So, I brought with me the loudest piece of clothing I own and called it a day.

As for the shoes of my choice, I am fairly certain you have all gotten sick of seeing me wearing my Birkenstocks. To be completely honest at times, I've also gotten a bit bored seeing me wear them all the time. However, I don't think I'll ever seize wearing them. They're the most freaking comfortable pair of sandals I've ever worn and they're ideal for when you have to do lots of walking in the smothering heat of a Greek summer. No, thank you, I refuse to wear trainers during the heatwave. #Freethetoes is my new mantra. However, since that trip, I've bought two new pairs of sandals, which I can't wait to share on here. They're both sliders and my feet are pretty happy in them. Who knows, the Birks might have found a pair of worthy competitors.

 summer travelling outfit-simple-minimal-casual-fashion-style-denim shorts-cami top-birkenstocks

Now I'm in my summer house in the island of Chios. I've definitely packed more this time since we have the luxury of travelling by car and fitting all of our luggage inside. I'm happy with the amount of stuff I brought, though. They're not as many as they were a few years back and I'm positive I will wear most of them. I think the books I've brought with me are more than the clothes and I'm only slightly exaggerating. Because each summer my plan is to try to relax and reserve energy and strength to take on September head on. There's nothing better than lying on a beach bed (under the shade) and reading a good book, sipping your iced coffee, drops of water from the icy cup travelling down your arm. This is what I'm planning to do for the next few days and I hope you are too. And if not, try to find that spirit of summer whenever you can. Fill your batteries if they need filling and empty your heads of all your worries. Well, ok, at least give it a shot ;) .

Have a great rest of the summer!

xx M

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